Big City Bunny Event

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  1. Become a volunteer at the campground to help get the eggs ready for the town's annual egg hunt.

    There might be a few twists and snags. You can find those eggs, solve any problems, and find that Bunny!

    When you find Bunny, click the sign to
    have your reward mailed to you.
    You will have earned it!

    Because falling is baaaaaaad ;)

    Enjoy and Happy Spring!
    This event will be available through 4/18.

    P.S. Lecterns may have a few hints to help you find eggs!

    If you have any issue with the WoolCo "doors", please have a friend step on the starting pressure plates. Thank you!
  2. Good luck everyone!


  3. Good luck and have fun! Thanks to my awesome Build Team peeps for all they did on this build! :D

    Also, a huge thank you to ElfinPineapple for his minty assistance! <3
  4. So I completed the event, not gonna spoil anything for those whose who enjoy discovering it on their own so...
    Overall, I personally found it fun and easy to complete, if you read the instructions and the lore (as I did, carefully) you won't get lost. There's also hints handed out which I only used for the last 2 eggs I was missing, so yeah you can pretty much find the eggs by just running around. The 2 challenges, I didn't have trouble with them, it's mostly patience, something was broken but it appeared to have been fixed by the time I completed it. I'm not a builder but the City looked cool and quite big too, so props to Build Team for the construction of it.
    Good luck to those who attempt it and remember to be patient, there's hints and clues everywhere.
    Nice job Build Team. ;)
  5. Absolutely amazing event (like always :rolleyes:) - thanks Build Team <3

    Happy Easter all :D
  6. Update was pushed a couple minutes ago to fix some issues involving the wool co. maze and covering the occasional exposed command block. Those details should be working now.

    As always, if you come across issues while playing feel free to contact staff or build team for assistance.
  7. Thank you for another fun event!! :love: :<3: I hope everyone is enjoying their long Easter weekend. :D
  8. Yes, I think it is broken again. The blocks at the end are half way up and stuck
  9. I'm there now. It all looks great! :)

  10. Bunny island looks amazing. I love the pink leaves on the trees.... Build team has done it again.. thanks for building us a new memory.
  11. Hey, that was a really fun and creative event! I loved exploring all the buildings. Good challenges!
  12. how long will this event last?
  13. I don't know who Jeff is but his life is a mess.
  14. I cannot like this post enough.
    I now realise I haven't said anything else here: I have to say, this is by far my favourite event in a while. Well done BT!! :D
  15. I have ZERO insider minty or purple knowledge, but generally speaking, the 3 big annual events are always up for at least 2 weeks. I think that is a safe bet. I'll try to get you a real answer and confirm.

    EDIT: Moops thinks 2 weeks sounds correct also. If Chicken or Pineapple see my post and answer differently, I'll re-edit with info :)
  16. Congrats to build team for another great event :)
  17. Thanks to bt and everyone involved for the awesome event. :)
  18. awesome event! super fun! loved the town build!
  19. Thanks for all the hard work! Event and build was cool! :D
  20. I CAN NOT WAIT!!! To get going on this hunt!! =D Will probably wait til tomorrow after work when I have a little more time. You gotta know it's gonna be fun! =D I mean .. it's the Build Team.. what else are they gonna give us but excellence and fun!? =D