Big City Bunny Event

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  1. i tried to get in but the entrance was blocked. is the event over?
  2. We have had issues with a redstone bug in the WoolCo death obstacle course. I can take a look at that. We put in a reset button Sunday. And I need to find out WHERE lol.

    If something has gone wrong elsewhere, please let me know. On my way in game.

    EDIT: It's all still up EXCEPT... The finish doors at Wool Co appear to be acting up again since the nightly reboot. At the moment, they are stuck in the open position. They could have gotten stuck closed when you ran through it ZIMROCK.

    Remember folks, you can get a friend to help you with this thing. It's not cheating to do it cooperatively with your buddies hitting the pressure plates for you. And in case of redstone bugs, until the blasted thing WORKS lol. We've had events like this in the past that can be cooperative :)
  3. The event was fun I hope to see more of these in the future :)
  4. still not having any luck with this. i go to /games and see the portal but when i go to it nothing happens. it seems blocked with green blocks. what am i doing wrong?
  5. i just got it to work. i don't know how i did it but i am in. Thanks.
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  6. The entrance is a pressure plate in an overturned basket of "eggs"
  7. Happy Easter All!! Had a chance to do the event now and had a great time :)
    Really awesome town made by the build team, thanks so much to you all! Especially loved the Police Station.
  8. I just went thru the town.. so fun!!!. You guyz are so dang creative and I love enjoying your work. After all that's been going on it felt good to be out and about with others enjoying walking/running thru town with other people!!! =D

    I know it's just pixels :rolleyes:but dang it! I loved it. :love: :<3: Thank you again Build Team, for bringing us yet again some good fun. I'd hug ya if i could. =>
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  9. This was one of the best events so far! Thanks build team<3
  10. Anyone else at first thnk the bunny was doing the "is for me?" meme
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