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  1. ps this was for JackBiggin's Empireideas contest but he sorta let me down lawl

    My Idea
    WHAT IT IS:One thing that EMC doesn't have, that would be a diamond in a ruby patch, the way to make EMC 110% better, is,


    You see, sometimes there is a post that you like a lot, or that you agree with, and you want to like it UNFORTUNATELY, liking is not available to comments on profile posts. This is what I mean:

    And that's a problem for me, as I like to like everyone's posts.

    But it's not just me.
    Profile comments have just the validity as normal forum posts, you can express what you feel.

    Yep, that's right. Add a like button for everyone to click! and share the kindness.
    And that's my idea for EMC.
  2. I am penfoldex and I approve of this message

  3. Aikar? Anybody? :p
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  4. The bricky brick of brinkington approves this likeable message.
    The annual purge is now commencing... blah blah all crime is now legal.
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  5. I am QuarterStop, the minion of Equinox, and I approve this message.
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  6. Hehehe I approve of my minion QuarterStop :D
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  7. Omg so much yes!
    (in reality idk what will happen)
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  8. Brit and I agree. We've asked this a few times.

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  9. *takes gun out*

    Anyways, I think this should be added
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  10. Why am I not surprised that Equinox_Boss is asking this? I think Statuses and Conversation thread posts should be likable for the reasons I post here:

    In the case of Conversations, I would also like to know whether a person has read my post if that is possible. Nothing ever happened when this was suggested before. Aikar has posted a thread about changing the website so now is probably a good time to bring this issue up again.
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  11. **For Lazy People**
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  12. Dude... You don't know how much it bugs me that I can't like comments :eek:
    And I totally agree with liking conversations too :D
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  13. What happened to that contest.
    I agree with this.
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  14. I bet equinox wants to be able to like likes.
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  15. You know it!! ;)
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  16. *becomes new equinox*
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  17. It'd be so legit to like likes on likes on top of liked likes.
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  19. Yo dawg!! :D
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  20. Repost with #LikeComments !!!! :D ;)
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