(SITE SUGGESTION) Likeable status comments.

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  1. ShadyShannon had this idea on my page, but didn't make a forum for it, so I thought I would. :D (Credit for idea given to her.)

    Right now, we can like status someone posts, but we can't like the comments people make on them, so I wondering if it would be possible to be able to like the comments. It might not be a major feature, but it could help showing agreement with someone. That's all. :)
  2. *likes*
  3. Yea, I think this will bring much joy, and no much harm. I support this idea!
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  4. I like the idea. Its weird typing *like* after you agree with a comment. :p
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  5. If I were you, I'd also link this onto the site suggestions thread :)
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  6. Much good. Much enjoyment.
  7. Yes. Very good!
  8. I see this as being able to like posts in PMs
    They both need to be added, but it may be a while.
  9. I can understand the comments a little bit... but PM's? Why? You can not just say 'I agree with that', or 'I like that idea' to the 2-10 people in the conversation? Likes are nice for a quick 'I Like what you said', but I do not see much reason for it in PM's.

    Now, the only issue I could think adding the ability to 'Like' status comments, is the tie 'Likes' have to trophy points. While they do not mean anything really right now, they will sometime in the future. Status comments are easy to just click a comment and say 'I agree with that'. Though, I do understand why someone would want it. PM's though, I do not get.
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  10. I often Like a comment just to acknowledge that I have read it but have nothing more to add. Similarly, there is no way to tell if someone has viewed a pm or status post unless they reply.

    If I were to send a you a pm and didn't hear back, I would not know whether you missed the message, were thinking about it before replying, or maybe even ignoring me. I would normally wait for a couple of days before sending another so that I wouldn't come across as nagging you. If it was about something that was time critical I might even nag you anyway if I felt it was important enough.

    I have wondered why Forum threads, Status posts, and PMs work differently in general. I can upload a screenshot by clicking a button in a Forum post, yet not on a status or more importantly in a pm. In order to report someone or talk about a bug we have to upload to an offsite location then post a link.

    The statuses are just for fun, but I think pms at least should have an easier way to upload files as well as some sort of delivery notification. I think it makes it discouraging for some of the less savvy players to come to the staff for help because of the lack of these features. The lack of delivery notification probably also means you get bugged a lot because people don't know whether you have read their messages or not.
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  11. well, if it's that way with PMs, then why is there the like option for the forums? Why don't we just remove the like option all together and then we can respond with "I agree"?
  12. Personally? I would rather have that :p, I am not much for the like button. I would rather just type it out. It becomes some kind of competition anyways. But you guys like to use it, and Pab10s really made a point of its practical use that I never personally thought of before.
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  13. The issue with PM likes is that people can abuse it, and just write a lot of spam posts, and then like all of them. People who are not in the conversation can't see it and so it would not be tracked. It could be good to be able to like messages in conversations, but they have to be excluded of the total likes.
  14. People can currently do that in the forums too.
  15. No, cause other people will most likely see their spam posts and report them.
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