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  1. That is right you bumbling fools, I was Copherfield all the time! And you submissive sheeps didn't have any idea it was me all along. Ever since I left, you fools have turned me into a "meme" of sorts, using me as the punchline of jokes but no more, because i'm back! What is my first plan of action you may ask? Well first of all, I will be reestablishing the Delta Team. Second, I am pleased to announce that Aikar has sold EMC to me, so guess what, I now own this joint, and will be relieving all staff as of now, and will be replacing them with former Delta Team members. Third, I will be banning all those opposed to me, Copherfield the Magnificent, or the Delta Team. There will be no appeals either. Fourth, it is now EMC law that every member must worship me, and must construct a shrine on his or her's residence.

    Now to the good stuff, to tell you about why I managed to hide myself with this phony account. Well, its simple, you guys loved the idea of Mrlegitislegit, a fun loving commander of freedom who doesn't need no man. Well it was all fake, I'm really a fun loving commander of a good old dictatorship. I also used a proxy, which helped with hiding who I really was. It wasn't that hard, mostly because of how easily you sheeps are tricked.

    Now to even more good stuff, the changes that will be made.

    1. It is no longer EMC, its "The Delta Squad Server"
    2. Delta Squad leaders have access to all residences, meaning all flags are turned on for them
    3. All wildcamps are now part of the Delta Squad, and I am the leader of them
    4. The official sport of EMC is now "Who can be banned the fastest"

    So now that that's out of the way, let me introduce you plebs to our pledge of allegiance:

    I will work my hardest in the fields
    To produce food for my great king
    And for all of his noble Squadmen
    And will not complain when given none

    I will work my hardest in the mines
    To mine ores for my great leaders
    So they can make weapons
    To strike me down with

    Copherfield is great
    Copherfield is god
    We are now an empire
    United under
    Our great god

    Isn't that a great pledge of allegiance? Now that is all folks, but remember this, if you do not obey my every command, I will send you back to mother in a cardboard box.

    -Your great king

  2. Oh ok...
    april foooolzzz
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  3. Welcome back, I welcome you new god.
  4. *forms underground rebellion*
    If you need me, I'll be in my bunker.
  5. Why thank you, you slightly higher held sheep.

    But but but but, my dear pleb, running won't save you, as I have created a "1984" style surveillance system.
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  6. Nope still owned by Starlis.
    Good April Fools joke.
  7. Hahahaha that's only what you stupid sheeps think, I BOUGHT STARLIS TOO!
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  8. I have been building an alliance this entire time. Shall we go to war?
  9. I love your posts, it has to be said. May I ask, what I have just quoted, does this make you a "Waither"? Or have you not heard of that? :p
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  10. *Clicks Starlis at bottom*
    'Owned by Aikar' Did you buy Aikar too? uhoh.
  11. I shall not be a submissive sheep. I shall be a docile donkey. So ha!
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  12. Conformity is the only way of the future, conform or be killed. We have no room for being individuals.

    I have already won.

    Why thank you, sheep I hold slightly higher than the others of the flock, and no, I do not know what that means.
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  13. You have won death to your reign.
    Join the revolution.
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  14. I am sorry, but who is copherfield?
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  15. You are welcome, father sheep Copherfield :p Ah, well, YouTube reference :rolleyes:
  16. Well, you had me fooled. But only because I found your Copherfield persona somewhat more charismatic than Mr. Legit's.
  17. Indeed my dear sheep, I really do like talking, I just didn't for Mrlegitislegit, to not give myself away.
  18. Pfffft. C'mon, Gopherfields. What are you gonna do, ruin my daisies?
  19. No, like I said, I will be sending you back to mother in a cardboard box.
  20. The Order shall be rid of you!