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  1. In response to the B02 clan that is forming, I have decided to start a squad for BF3. This will be for PS3, and the Squad would be called EMC (something). If enough people are interested, I'll set up the squad. I think this would be a lot of fun, cause as those of you who play BF3, its a lot more fun with a squad.
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  2. I suggested a Minecraft clan should be made on EMC which should establish itself across servers, but that got rejected as neo-Naziism. Eh, probably drastically undersold it, as is the case with a lot of my ideas.
  3. Ppl play black ops not battlefield.
  4. facu, plenty of people play Battlefield, thats a ridiculous thing to say.
  5. -_- dont start a war my friend...dont do it
  6. You should admit that black ops is worldwide Play. Every person I came across know about it and Play it. I never heard about someone who told me: Play battlefield that is better.
  7. You're a funny kid: Alot of people say that Battlefield is better. More people like Battlefield than CoD, you can see that from all of the hate it gets. Battlefield is new stuff, with planes that you can control, every 2 years. CoD is the same crap every year with only tanks you can ride. Can you load a car full of C4 and blow up enemy bases on CoD? No you can't.

    All I need to is update my BF3 for my PS3 and i'll join you :D
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  8. Come on! Battlefield doesnt have zombies that is the important thing of cod. Zombies is the best mode Ever created! You should try zombies and You will never stop! I dont know how your multiplayer is but i know You dont have zombies
  9. If I wanted zombies i'd go play Left 4 Dead 2 or DayZ.
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  10. I warned you man...
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  11. I woud love to joing but. I got BF 3 only for pc
  12. In regards to the arguments, both CoD and BF3 have their ups and downs. Overall I personally prefer BF3 over CoD (as do many others). CoD has zombies (which I hate, do something original), but it also has faster unlocks. BF3 has an awesome multiplayer if you can find the right server (I did), and they have really good Objective placement. Personally I prefer multiplayer over campaign, but because certain weapons in BF3 are locked until you do campaign, it has made me venture to a new game style - which I like.
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  13. I like them both. I'd love to join the clan, but I got an Xbox not a PS. :(
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  14. I have an Xbox if you want to play BF 3 on there. Do you have premium?
  15. No...
    EDIT: If you mean Xbox Live Gold then yes
  16. Do you hang out with a bunch of 14 year old boys? (not dissing 14 year olds, they just tend to follow hype rather than quality)
    Ohhhhh i see your mindset. "Lets by a futuristic war FPS to play zombies!!!" The downloadable zombie apocalypse mod for F3 is better than the CoD zombies-_- I only buy CoD for splitscreen play. I buy Battlefield to play with large online communities. Both have their pros. Its the ability to play splitscreen with my friends and scream at them that makes me buy CoD after its price drops lol:p
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  17. Did we go to the CoD clan thread and say BF3 is better and insult CoD? nope


    facu is a normal CoD player who won't respect peoples opinion.
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  18. i think BF3 and BO2 are matched. not in the stuff they have within them, but with popularity. Black Ops may be a tad more well known, but i dont prefer one over the other. as soon as a have the money ( 200$ incoming within next week ) ill get this.
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  19. Just stop the war before it starts. Every time something like this comes across, we all end up killing each other. I like Battlefield because you actually can use vehicles to your advantage, and the CoD games that I've played were equally good in other ways. It just depends on what you like.
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  20. Aw, so cute, how many kilotons of swag do you have? :)
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