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  1. Please, before you post carefully read this:

    We have been given the go ahead to start a EMC members HG server. It will be a private server run by some members of EMC. This discussion board is open to those whom wish to contribute. If you oppose the idea, find it against all that you believe in then please move on.

    We will be brainstorming here as to the best ways to make it happen. What mods and plugins to use.
    A test server has been offered and I have something in the works for when the beta run is over to have a full 4gig server running ( I mean a professionally hosted server)

    I will start the discussion by introducing the current members:
    Xatharon- team lead, Monkey face.
    Copherfield- team lead, Delta sniper.
    SecretAznEcks- team lead, SecretAznEcks.
    Cypher_rahl- creator. Devil dog.
    Monster_- Honored member.
    thecontroller- Ardent IceCreamCow lover.
  2. The idea is to create a hunger games type server. It could potentially be extended to be used for other events. Would a preloaded set of maps be better or random chunks. I was hoping to set up flags and catches, also traps and mob spawns. Also a set distance the contestants could go. After that HG area we can set up arenas, mob hunts and so forth. Not to mention a "training" area.
  3. Sounds great. Im definatly in. Id say random chunks would be better because if the chests and traps wee in the same areas then after 1 or 2 games everyone knows where everything is. Sounds like fun though...What if The empire had a server that host hunger games challenges and winner gets rupees depending on place you get in. Top 3 or so...annouce when its gonna happen or something. Im in either way lol
  4. 2012-06-06_16.38.58.png 2012-06-07_15.34.20.png 2012-06-03_21.18.08.png 2012-06-06_16.38.58.png 2012-06-07_15.34.20.png 2012-06-09_14.59.54.png 2012-05-28_14.09.37.png 2012-06-03_21.18.08.png 2012-06-06_16.38.58.png 2012-06-07_15.34.20.png 2012-06-09_14.59.54.png Chascarrillo and me will make the Capitol!
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  5. No more complaints about the situation please. If you need to vent, please PM me. Keep this thread on topic.
  6. It's perfectly on topic, This thread is about the hunger games, Which is exactly what we've been discussing for the last 30 posts.
  7. But the members of alexhallon´s event and chascarrillo and alexhuac´s event will be ops of the server and will take decissions of the event!
  8. So pretty much all were doing is getting a better server and combining are maps and all becoming OP of one server? I'd be up to this.
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  9. A essential plugin we'll need is WorldEdit.
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  10. I would also require all the plugins me and Alex currently have on our server, Let me load up the remote console and check what plugins that would be.
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  11. But you have a lot of unnecessary plugins like MobDisguise, /Nuke and /Thor :(
  12. That would be

    Full Essentials
    LWgen (For Biome transformation)
    Mob disguise
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  13. Ok and here and now all of we will work together as a team!
  14. Nuke and thor are build into Essentials, However I removed all properties they impose.
  15. Not for EMC
  16. Will we need Multiworlds for have th Capitol?
  17. Why not? It adds a realism affect to THG
  18. I hope u guys make the server soon!!! I'd love to be part of it!!!
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  19. Yeah, we will need MultiWorlds too
  20. We use Warps built into Essentials for this.