Ban Appeal Court

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  1. and I found another fan of CraftedMovie :)
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  2. We need one of these...

    I'd say we get Aikar to read them out in his Maxarias voice.
  3. "You told me that making five ban appeal threads would not help my case.
    So I made a sixth. How about now?"

    Best one ever lol
  4. +1, and oh look, a bump :)
  5. hmmm... I would have viewed it here if I didn't see it a moment ago :p
    All I did was hit a cow for milk... I wanted to make a cake! :) mmmmmm
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  6. I was banned but i dont know wy
  7. "Wait, nvm, I thought was banned. lol!"
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  8. Frowney face
  9. Pointless but hilarious.
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  10. Haha these were funny. :D
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  11. Yeah, we should make a movie of this again, I'll make the place.
  12. Sounds like EMC appeals, especially:
  13. If his dad's a millionaire and will buy him unlimited PCs why would he wait until his birthday to be diamond?
  14. There are stupid people that make the world bad, and then there are stupid people that make it great.

    These are the bunch that make it great.
  15. im lonely down here


    Guy: Im not gonna stop
    I have 7 computers and I now I no who said he was gonna hack me so the poilce can track down your compmuter

    while guy is being pushed away

    craftedmovie r **** and I and my mate has over 500 000 subcribers I'll get him to post a video
  16. Oh, gee. Maybe, just maybe, his dad's not a millionaire lol
  17. Yeah I was trying to say that.
  18. We do need one of these. I believe that this would be a fitting ban appeal:
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