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  1. I don’t think anybody on EMC knows about this, but seven months ago a little beautiful baby girl entered my life. I haven’t talked about her existence on here, but she’s not some secret I have to keep: I don’t want to treat her that way, and I consider many of you friends and don’t want to keep her from you either. I didn’t plan to have her so soon, but I’m glad she’s here and I couldn’t love her more.

    EMC, meet Skye.

  2. Aww... It's a cute babydog :)

    Also, you had me thinking your girlfriend got pregnant for a moment :p

    Anyway, congratz on taking on this not-so-small responibility :)
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  3. Ahh, that's so nice! :D Congratulations! :)
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  4. That was 100% my goal and I’m glad it worked :p

    was kinda hoping someone wouldn’t open the spoilers and just comment a big ‘congratulations’ meant for someone who’s had a baby

    But nah if I had a kid I’d probably blurt it everywhere ASAP
  5. I saw this going differently based on the title. I'm disappointed.
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  6. She's adorable!! :D Had me confused for a minute there with the title. ;)
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  7. oh jesus what a cute fur baby.

    i totally thought you had impregnated someone lmao
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  8. Baby animals are so cute~

    I hope to see more people post their baby pet pictures on here. :D
  9. ISSA BEBBY!!!!
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  10. Still working on the holding hands part 😔