Australia Day promo?

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  1. Is there going to be an Australian day promo? Hahaha
  2. Well, EMC is an U.S. based server so they only celebrate U.S. holidays or holidays universally celebrates or that are almost celebrated by everyone (things like christmas).
  3. #Derp? XD Re-read that :p
  4. Yeah, but I would love to see an Australian holiday celebrated too just as a rarity because a vast few of our players are from here. :)
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  5. Sorry for my ignorance, but what is Australia day? Never heard of it :p
  6. My guess is it's similar to an American independence day
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  7. As I always say, never underestimate my stupidity.
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  8. It's the national day. On 26th of Jan it celebrates the first fleet, so the first proper establishment of Australia basically, it mainly involves fireworks and parties at about 7pm.
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  9. I will agree with that.
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  10. Yussss! I wanna see a green and gold firework, like the iday firework.
    And chickeneer, Austraila day is on the 26th of January and is basically like Independence Day.
  11. I vote yes. That would be awesome! Australia is never thought of :(
  12. *First western settlement :p

    We need lamingtons and pavlova :p
  13. #Australiadaypromo

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  14. I was just about to make a Forum post about this XD
    I think we should because theres a 4 of July promo even though Aussies dont celebrate it :L Maybe like a horse span egg renamed Skippy :p or a clownfish named Nemo XD even a special poppy?
  15. I support this even doe Im not Australian xD
  16. Well if its Australia Day then we need:
    1:Furnace re-named barbie
    2:Steak Sandwiches
    3:Green and gold fireworks (of course)
    And a way to play backyard cricket
  17. I'm all up for it however, if they did do this what message would it send? I mean I am Australian however if they did this for one country, how could they say no to doing it for every other player's home country...

    I think it'd be awesome to have an Australia Day promo, but you know there are tons of players from all around the world who play on Empire Minecraft. I reckon country type promo's should stay American as that is what nationality the server is.
  18. Maybe just make promos for the countries who "contribute"(for the lack of a better word because I'm tired) the most players. And, this is just guessing, but it would most likely be US, UK and Australia.
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  19. Well yes but then all the people from other countries might feels left out :eek:
  20. So like make a promo for every single continent when it's a holiday for them? :confused:

    Like, St Patrick's day, Chinese new years, queen's birthday etc.

    It'll be too much, most of the members are from America :p