[Auction] The Evolution of Lights!

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  1. Items:
    DC of End Rods
    DC of Sea Lanterns
    DC of Glowstone
    DC of Torches
    DC of Lava Buckets
    Bonus: DC of Pumpkins! (to craft Jack o'Lanterns)

    Starting bid: 0r
    Min bid increase: 384r
    Auction end time: 36 hours after the last bid
    Pickup and preview: The Hoard @ 18721
  2. 384r
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  3. 768r
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  4. What an odd increment amount... now I have to do maths D:

    Also hi tom

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  5. Shoot >.>

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  6. Invalid! 1152
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  7. Ninja'd :C
    Whatever 1200 + 384 is
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  8. I believe you meant 1.2k in stead of one, two k. Si I'll go 1,584r
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  9. Ninja'd your 1,584 bid stands FacepalmRhy
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  10. This auction's gone pretty well so far </sarcasm>

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  11. man, lots of bid confusion going on here !

  12. a TON of confusion here
    so I'll just go 10k
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  13. Hi! :D

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  14. 15,100. No redstone lanterns? Disappointed.
    (Pretty much only placed a bid so I could reply without it being spam)
  15. 15,484 :O
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  16. 34,618r
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  17. Sorry, if I didn't include levers they're just another block without luminance. Besides, I didn't include beacons either!

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  18. Bump
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