[AUCTION] DC of Redstone Blocks

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  1. One DC of redstone blocks! Use it for whatever you'd like. Wave it in your arch-nemesis's face. Build a wither farm. Dazzle your friends. Use it to build a pyramid. Decorate your outpost. It's up to you, it's a whole DC!

    1 DC Redstone Blocks
    Starting bid: 1r
    Minimum bid: 1,000r
    Ends 48 hours after last valid bid

    Pick up: smp2 /v +poof

  2. idk why I am up at this time or why I want this but hey! 80k!
  3. omgomgomg I need this lol I shouldn't have paid you for those things, now I'm too poor xD

  4. oi shoo all of you:eek: !!! 110k
  5. Bump again! You'll never need redstone again :)
  6. Congratulations! TomvanWijnen has won the auction with a bid of 123,456. An access sign with be set up after payment.
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  7. Yay! :D I need to go to bed now (on phone), but I'll try my best to pay you tomorrow. :)
  8. Aaaaand I suck at things lol, I paid for that other auction I won, but forgot this one, and now my computer's already shut off (it's night here)... I'll make sure to pay you tomorrow, and because it's Friday I'm sure I can. :) I'm sorry for any possible inconveniences...
  9. Excuses for the long delays, but payment has been sent your way! :)
  10. Ty. I set up the chest Friday. Please don't forget to claim it! :)
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  11. Sorry for taking so long to pick up, but I got very busy with school and RL, so I didn't have time, but today is better, yay, so I picked up the stuffs! :D Thanks! :)