[AUCTION] DC of Bird Poop + More

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  1. Items: 1DC of Bird Poop (aka Diorite- not renamed, just plain), Granite, and Andesite + 2DC of Cobble
    Starting Bid: 69 rupees
    Minimum Bid Increments: 69 rupees
    Ends: 69 hours after last valid bid
    Pickup: (/v 5717 pickup) Utopia

    Preview flag is on, to preview chests use (/togglepreview). Images are available as well.

    If you are wondering why I call Diorite Bird Poop, it is because the new Hermitcraft member "Rendog" calls it bird poop and was pranked using the block :p
    Also, I did a long end time because of the less forum activity going on as of late :)
    Thanks, and good luck to all bidders!
  2. Bump! Low price!
  3. If diorite is bird poop, then we should be able to dig it with a shovel, instead of a pickaxe :p

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  4. 7069, because I just want to tell that I laughed waay to hard at the bird poop for andesite and I may not post without a bid :p
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  5. Yesss... YOU BUY. :) BUMP.
  6. bump! still low price atm
  7. Bump, still a great deal! :)