[Auction] 2 DC's of Seeds, a farmers dream come true!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ShelLuser, Jun 25, 2016.

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  1. TomvanWijnen & ShelLuser incorporated present....

    Item: 2 double chests of seeds.
    Starting bid: 50r
    Minimal bid increase: 5r
    Auction ends: 48hrs after last valid bid!

    Are you a farmer, are you looking to bake bread? Then look no further because THIS is the auction you have been waiting for. Not 1 single chest, not 2 single chests, not even 3 single chests but a whooping FOUR single chests filled with seeds!

    Now, sometimes players are worried when nature blocks get auctioned. Are these fresh, haven't these been contaminated with, is this really pure natural or have we been doing some reverse engineering?

    Not to worry folks: these seeds came straight from the horses... errr, well, mouth?

    No comment :D

    So happy bidding!
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  2. bump! :)

    Delicious seeds! Don't tell me we're letting Jelle get away with this amazing offer? ;)
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  3. This amazing auction is still ongoing against all odds! Are you going to let dunderscore get away with the deal of a life time? Or are you going to bid and take all these wonderful seeds home yourself? :)
  4. Wonderfull seeds... Just think of how many chickens you could breed with this. And everyone loves chickens, right? Or maybe not: but then you might be able to get feathers from them which you can then use to make arrows and kill even more chickens!

    SO no matter if you love or hate chickens: you can put these seeds to good use! :D
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  5. I will bid the number of likes I got : 689r
    good thing I'm not famous
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  6. Awesome seeds, only 1010r! :)
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  7. And all of a sudden the heat is on :) How to cool things down a bit? Well, my auction manifesto tells me that nothing relieves the stress more than a small bump of the thread. So here goes...

  8. Well, Dee and APC battling it out for the seeds. Who will succeed? Well, it could be you; after which you might get all the chickens or bread you'd like :)

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  9. Ze evening bump. Amazing, happy to see that we got plenty of nature lovers on the Empire! :)

    Tom and me counted every seed and you can trust us when we say that these are all you need :p
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  10. We are nearing the final phase of this highly exciting auction. Will Dee be planting his seeds later this afternoon or will we see someone else seeding them away? :p

    There are roughly 3 more hours to go :)
  11. 3 Hours? I thought it was 48 hours after last valid post?
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