[Auction] 1 DC of coal blocks

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  1. Item: 1 DC ("double chest") of coal blocks
    Starting bid: 15k (15,000r)
    Minimal bid increase: 100r
    Auction ends: 48hrs after last valid bid

    The chest can be previewed in my shop (/v 3544, go to the top floor or use the pressure plate) and as soon as we have a winner then I'll change the preview sign into an access sign.

    This is what you're bidding on:

    And good luck!
  2. 50,000r
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  3. You little ninja...

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  4. 75,000r :)
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  5. 80k?
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  6. Although I don't think we'll get much more bids after that I guess I can always try to nudge this thread a little :)
  7. 80,100r :)
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  8. I guess surprises do happen from time to time ;) Will they again? Who knows :)

    We'll find out right after these messages! :eek:

    Oh wait, sorry, my bad: after this bump! :oops:

    bump! :D
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  9. We now interrupt this auction for a special announcement! :eek:

    Are you using your own super smelter? Or maybe you just got back from mining and your inventory is loaded with all sorts of cool ore blocks. Then wait no longer and do some smelting TODAY!

    That's right folks, with this special offer of one double chest of coal blocks, you never have to worry about running out of fuel again. Simply load up the furnaces * with one stack of blocks and you'll be cooking away for a very long time to come. Smelting too boring for you? Hook up another chest * using a hopper * and have it automatically provide your furnace * with items to smelt so that you only need to worry about fuel. And thanks to this super duper speciality offer of one double chest of coal blocks you don't have to worry about fuel in the first place!!

    Here's how to order....

    To get your own super special double chest of coal blocks just place a bid in this thread! You read that right, no need to go looking for your credit card or dial some weird toll-free number, just hit reply and add a rupee amount above 80,100 rupees.

    But wait, there's more! With this offer YOU get to decide HOW MUCH you want to pay **! If that's not a special offer then I don't know what is!

    So what are you waiting for? Hit that reply button now and place your order for this super duper double chest of coal blocks!

    We now return to our regular program.

    * furnaces, hoppers and chests are sold separately and are not a part of this offer.
    ** minimum pay is always 100r more than what the previous customer decided to pay.
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  10. 80,200r
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  11. 80,300r

    Bring it. :p
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  12. 85,000r

    Okay. :p
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  13. 87,000r

    I wanted to win this though.. :(

    You have brought this on yourself. :p
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  14. 90,000r
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  15. 100k
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  16. Going from 80k to 100k and obviously all because of my advertising :D

    Anyway, I'm going to apply the "Shell bump rule" onto this auction from here on. Which means: one bump per 24hrs. Also because I kinda doubt we'll see something like this happening again ;)

    Bump :)
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  17. And here is the daily bump, I guess we'll have a winner by tomorrow evening :)
  18. 110k
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