Attachments on old forum posts gone?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Eclipsys, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Greetings EMCians,

    Is it true that all old attachments in old forum posts are gone?

    I was trying to find some old screenshots of a project to use for a new project but I cant seem to find them. All the screenshots turn up as blank areas, it doesnt show broken links, so whats up?

  2. I think it has to do with how they were added into the post/attached.

    Some of mine are definitely still there.

    EDIT: So the dangers of using imgur result in some interesting posts when that link gets re-used by something else entirely...July 4th 2014 has some czech screenshot...
  3. I have a bug filed on track in the SITE project, It's obviously a bug in my url rewriting, as the url got rewrote from /data/attachments to just /attachments

    I'll fix soon. The files are not gone. so if you need to access the file, copy the image link, and add the /data back in.

    Hmm does imgur auto delete after some time?
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  4. You'd think that they only have a set number of letter combinations, so it's a possibility.
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  5. it could be >_>
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  6. Admin fight. Round one
  7. Imgur deletes images after 6 months, I believe.
  8. Only when you're inactive, I'd hope :eek:
    I have some very valuable things that are only on imgur... have you seen instances of such files actually getting deleted while still being used? In that case, I may need to back everything up, which would probably take quite a long while...
  9. Images are not deleted if you upload to an account.
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  10. *makes an imgur account quite soon*
  11. That makes sense. Pretty sure that day was the only time I couldn't recall the pw for my account and just needed to get them up =P
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  12. Oh, thanks, I didn't even know you could upload images without an account :p
  13. lol, I kind of forgot accounts on Imgur even existed :p