Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

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  1. Happy 4th of July Everyone!

    This year the staff is bringing you the best promos possible.
    There are multiple choices and ways to obtain so everyone can find one that they enjoy.

    In order to make some of the new promos work, Aikar has developed a new promo concept. Instead of selecting a single item from the /promo command, you can select a chest that will contain multiple items. This way you get a little package deal =)

    Enough of the semantics, let's announce this year's celebratory promos!

    For Independence Day, we have a full set of Red White and Blue Leather Armor!
    Using /promo iday, you will be able to choose from chests that contain one piece of armor AND a complimentary Independence Day Firework.

    Each armor piece has the same stats, so collect them all!

    But that's not all....Introducing the Freedom Blade!

    The Freedom Blade also comes with an Independence Day Firework.

    In addition to offering the items through /promo, you can purchase extras in the Empire Shop (/shop)

    Community Creation: "Taste The Freedom"
    This item was suggested by Mirr0rr and noticed by staff spies =P
    It has been added, but can not be redeemed from the promo or purchased with rupees from the shop... you might just need to find some cows :)

    And FINALLY....Show your American Pride with a certified American Flag (made as close as possible to the dimensions stated by the U.S. government because Krysyy is a perfectionist)

    The only downside to these flags is that they are NOT transferable between servers. However, there is one buy area set up on each server's town spawn so that everyone may enjoy them.
    Screenshot at 02-17-50.png

    Have a exciting, but safe holiday everyone!
    Happy Independence Day!
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  2. Woo hoo, happy 4th of July everyone! (From Canada)
  3. YES!!!!
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  4. Second

    Third :\
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  5. This promo, I like it. Another!
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  6. Happy fourth of july everybody! From Scotland!!
  7. Wow! I have to say I did not see this coming! This is pretty amazing!
  8. you can only claim one right?
  9. yes
  10. Happy I-Day everyone!
    Same here ;)
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  11. awesome, all the best promos come out after my era is gone!

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  12. it does not seem to be working to open the /promo iday on smp6,

    There we go, Thanks,
  13. happy 4th of july!
  14. how long does this last. my friend lolwut115 is away and Im not sure if he wants a promo
  15. At least a week
  16. I murdered 50 cows with fire aspect and looting 3, no special steak :l
  17. Oooooooh :O new toys!
  18. [BUG] at the /shop when you press the sign to buy the new empire firework, it gives you the other one instead. Could Aikar fix that and maybe exchange this 1 for that too? (smp8)

    Someone traded me for Empire Firework anyways c:
  19. Interesting. I accidentally claimed 2 fireworks and they are different than the firework I got on my alt's account :p Both lore and colors are different. Anyway, thanks for another awesome promo!