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  1. Hello:)
    I've been on emc for a while now. 623 days to be exact. I've never really introduced myself to all you guys because I'm a pretty shy person :rolleyes: Well thats gonna change! Now some of you may think "LOL Wolf thats nothing Ive been on emc for like 4 years." Well for me, thats kinda long time of being on emc and never introducing myself. So i've decided to make this thread so you guys can get to know me a bit better, and so I can meet new people :) I would start telling you random facts about me like my name, age, hobbies, and such but the point of this thread is for you to ask me the questions :) So yeah, title says it all. Ask me anything you want! I'll try to answer as much as I can but I can't guarantee ill answer everything.

    Ps: For all you bored people that actually did /p WolfInAction and went ":O Wolf you are only 562 days old" I first joined emc on this account: willjsmyth. I doubt anyone cares but whatever lol.
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  2. Congrats on being on EMC for 623+ days! What is your name IRL? :)
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  3. Thanks! :D My name is Kelly. It often autocorrects to "Jelly" so feel free to call me whatever :p
  4. how old r u irl?
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  5. What's your favorite book?
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  6. Well I don't have one favorite book lol. I have 3! :) Its the Halo Trilogy by Alexandra Adornetto. Halo, Hades, and Heaven. Absolutely loved it.
  7. i see dont want to answer me :p
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  8. Since you been here awhile I'll simply say welcome to the introduce yourself thread.

    If you drink soda/pop what's your favorite brand?
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  9. do u like fire
    if u could have 1 super power what would it be
    what is your biggest goal on emc, have u reached it yet?
    what is your favorite project
    water or lava
    pumpkins or melons
    lemons, or limes
    oranges, or grape fruit
    pirañas or pufferfish
    dolfins or sharks
    lightsabers or light whip
    if u could control 1 element what would it be
    have u ever left the usa
    what is your favorite meme
    star wars or star trek
    dark magic or light arts
    boats or planes
    what smp is best
    will u answer all my questions?
    fav number
    fav color fav shape
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  10. Don't worry about the 520+ days. I've been here for 1.5 years, but it says I'm only a year old. ;) We all have those annoying alts. Favorite mob?
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  11. Coca cola :)
  12. from 1-7 how much smp8 is in you?
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  13. Woah this is what I'm taking about :)
    1.The ability change other peoples' thoughts. Thinking of throwing your starbucks coffee at others? Hah well not anymore! ( and yes that happens a lot at my school )
    2.My biggest emc goal is to become staff. Im going to wait a bit though. Still tons I have to get finished. Cant imagine finishing a town, mall, horse plaza, castle, my house, my redstone res, etc.
    3.My favorite project is working on my InAction town :)
    4.Water, I fall in lava way too much
    7. I've never had grape fruit surprisingly ^-^ So oranges
    8. pufferfish
    9. dolphins
    11. Air
    12. Yes
    13. Favorite meme.. I have too many..
    14. Never seen either. Shocking :O I know
    15.Dark magic
    16. planes
    17. Maybe
    18. 33
    19. Fav color: mint green. Fav shape: Circle
    Hope I didn't miss any. Im tired and its late
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  14. with 7 being way too much.. 7
  15. Ikr. And I gotta say silverfish. Those little guys are so easy to kill :p
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  16. 13 years young :D
  17. Why did you join Emc? Happy 623th day on Emc:)
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  18. Thanks Seal! Well I found this towny server. I liked the concept of having plots and a community to be in, but that server just wasn't the same. The people were rude and the staff were useless. So I simply googled "towny severs" and boom. I ran into empire minecraft :) Its been my home ever since.
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  19. Hi Kelly. Welcome to the Empire and happy 623 days. :) What country are you from?
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  20. Hi W.I.A. :D lol or Jelly Kelly :p

    1. Favorite Tv show?
    2. Fav. Desert? (the cake is not a lie, fyi)
    3. Fav. M.C. block?
    4. Fav. EMC Event?
    5. Fav. Season?
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