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  1. I'm bored, and 607's AMA made me feel like answering questions. He can sue if he wants to. Hopefully this one doesn't crash and burn like most of my other ones, we'll see... :rolleyes:

    Ask me joke questions, ask me serious questions (I don't mind these and do prefer them, although be aware there's some I may not answer), ask me anything you want (I don't think I've ever been asked 'what's your favourite food', so ask that if you want lol).

    Ask away :p
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  2. How did you come up with your username for Minecraft?
  3. I was ten years old (six years ago now nearly, wow). From the age of 4 until I was 11, I was obsessed with Dragon Ball Z. There's a move called the 'Star dust breaker', and I liked that name, but a friend had it on another website somewhere and I didn't want to steal his username if he ever decided to buy Minecraft - I decided on the alternate name for it. That name is the 'soul punisher'.

    I wanted to change it for the longest time but when name changing actually came out I thought it was too attached to me for me to change it, and it would mean redesigning my signature here (which I did eventually anyway :p) and I'm too lazy to do that. Plus I flick between usernames everywhere else anyway (I stick with jmevdz in most places nowadays though), I didn't want to bring that habit here.

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  4. What is your favorite block in minecraft?
  5. Dirt Sandstone.
  6. whats your favorite type of wet napkin
  7. I don't use napkins, so... none.
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  8. Haha :p
    I'll try think of a question I could ask in public... :rolleyes:
    Do you prefer the day or the night?
    Do you have a favourite animal, and if so, which?
    What was the first video game you owned? (additionally, what is the first you ever played, if you can recall?)
    Thinking of questions was easier than expected, nice..
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    • I prefer being awake at night, as evidenced by the ridiculous times I go to bed (4AM on most nights). However, I have more people to talk to during the day and the structures of our current civilisation don't really allow you to sleep the day away and live at night. Currently sleeping at 4-5AM and naturally waking up at 8AM, without the aid of alarms, so I'm getting the best of the worlds at the moment (and also an immense amount of tiredness) :p
    • Wolves. They look badass and I like the way they do things. I want a tattoo of the face of one (alongside a dragon on my forearm, and my dog on my thumb) on my bicep when I turn 18.
    • First video game I played was Spyro 2. The first game I owned (as in bought for myself) was Theme Hospital - the first game I bought with my own job money was, I think, Battlefield 4.
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  9. whats your fav tea brand
  10. All about that PG tips yo.

    I usually just buy whatever's cheapest at the shop I'm in though.
  11. my chosen brand teabag in water in 1 spoon of sugar stir twice clockwise
  12. Favourite (best) UK Prime Minister and US president? :)
  13. Many people are shocked when I don't say Winston Churchill - he made military victories happen, sure, but the man was a Tory - I will never like a Conservative Prime Minister after what they've done to the North and Wales - and also somewhat of a genocidal maniac. The only interest I'd have in common with him is the federalisation of Europe/European integration. My favourite British Prime Minister is probably Clement Attlee - deputy Prime Minister from 1942 until 1945, Prime Minister from 1945 until 1951. Probably the only reason we have the National Health Service (something which I will forever be thankful for and I hope it continues to survive as it has for the last 70+ years) and a lot more thanks to him listening to the Beveridge Report, and he also set the decolonisation of the British Empire into motion and repairing the UK from World War II damage (neither process is complete to this day). If Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister in 2020, he will be my instant favourite though :p

    My worst might be fairly obvious, but Theresa May could be about to take that place.

    My favourite US President, purely in terms of a cultural sense, would be JFK (I love 1920 - 1960 Americana and such and he's pretty iconic for that time, also he was big on NASA). My other favourite would probably be Abraham Lincoln. I also like Obama. I don't know much about them or their history, so my choices are purely from what I've skimmed over in history books and the like. The only thing that's certain is that I don't like George Washington, Richard Nixon, George W. Bush, or the next President.
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  14. I must admit, I do a joy reading your political posts, for some reason haha. For the president I am A pretty big fan of Ronald Reagan. I am also a fan of JFK. Also Bill Clinton, for the way he can talk and the way he makes you feel like you're the only person he's talking to , same for Reagan.

    For Prime Minister, have I quite a lot of respect for Thatcher, in the way that she didn't give up when she was turned down, and the awful sexism she had to deal with.I feel like you really are expected to dislike her. However I'm not too sure with her actions as PM. I do like Winston Churchill but as you said he was a Tory. I have to agree with you on your decision. The NHS does play a huge part in our lives and we would really struggle without it.

    I won't be too keen on the next president either although I do hope Hillary wins.

    P.S are you labour then?
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  15. yay people like those things lol

    And I have respect for anyone who does a job like that - unless you're absolutely crap at it or pull an Anthony Eden. I won't agree with most things those people do, however.

    I can't say I am Labour. Under Jeremy Corbyn, I would be, but if I'm still here in 2020 (which is probably the year I'll move away from the UK permanently, but whatever, I'm still voting since it happens on my birthday :p) my vote is for him, not Labour. The only two MPs I can successfully say I like in there are Jeremy and Andy Burnham. The recent leadership challenge, the vote of no confidence - in a time when that party should be uniting for the people they campaigned for during the EU referendum - has crippled my respect for them. Plus the fact that most of the MPs won't back Jeremy for being radical but they'll back a man nobody has ever heard of who promises to be 'just as radical' and can't debate properly (the only thing he says is "well, I'd do that better" but doesn't explain why) is so stupid. In an ideal world I'd be voting for the Scottish National Party and Nicola Sturgeon - who are the opposition at the moment, but I can't, because I don't live in Scotland :(

    If Jeremy somehow doesn't win the Labour leadership election in September, I'll be voting Green or Lib Dem (I struggle to get behind their promise to ignore the vote undertaken in the EU referendum if Tim Farron gets into office) in 2020.

    *fully expecting a Scottish secession question next :p*
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  16. If put into a situation where you had to be viciously pelted with oranges for 4 hours straight including a lunch break in order to save that one teacher who gave you a C on a project you thought was really good, and not doing so would result in the weight of the guilt literally breaking your left femur bone, would you do it?
  17. Yes.

    Although I've never gotten a C on a project because we don't those here so :rolleyes:
  18. Why you gotta be so rude??
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  19. ... Rude to whom?
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