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  1. to be on the communications team do i have to be in-game a lot or no?

    i can be on the site a bunch but not in-game
  2. apply for communications team :D
  3. ok i will when i can sign in as it is still making me sign in to an email
  4. I'm not looking into joining the aestethics team, but if you need any verbal help with managing a build team, I have worked for Sapphire Studeos as a landscaper and custom tree guy, I am currently co-leading a profesional build team with an IRL friend that makes builds for small servers and I have done some work as a fuctional designer outside minecraft.

    I might want to help out with the redstone. I have a compacemise world record (3*3 stargate - 605 blocks) and had a almost speed world record (8*8 normal door - Space was working on his together with me, he was done before me, and his was faster than mine, which would have opened at 4.2sec) in the piston door comunity...
    Jet, I would want to know what kind of redstone you want done. I'm a piston sequence guy, someone who makes doors and the like. Do you want stuff like that or something totally else?
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  5. This isn't an aesthetics team. This is a team which takes a project from concept to completion every step of the way. From the conception of an idea, the Department of Design assigns a few teams to collaborate to meet the customer's vision of the product. They commission people from the Department of Redstone and Mechanics to guarantee any components which utilize Minecraft mechanics are functional. If the project was done in multiple pieces, the Department of Logistics and Mapping decides the optimal layout of the components for the most efficient use of resources and time. The completed design is passed on to the Plugin Operations Department, who breaks apart the project components into schematics, which are then shipped to the Construction Department. The Construction Department then rebuilds the project from schematics and is subsequently double-checked to meet standards by the Department of Quality Assurance.

    EDIT: This team also helps people without any portfolios work with others to build sound portfolios on their own.
  6. The issue is people don't like donating if they don't know what they're donating to. If you had completed various successful projects in the past, that might have been a bit different, but as this is your first big project, and the people who aren't in it don't know what it's about, there is little trust, I suppose.
  7. For anyone who is a little stupid like me:
    Design Team builds in creative mode.
    Quality Assurance checks the Design Team's builds and corrects any errors.
    Department of Redstone and Mechanics will build the redstone in the design team's build or check the redstone in their build.
    Construction Team copies the Design Team's finished build into EMC in survival mode.
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  8. Understandable :D
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  9. Added the Super Secret Builder Team FAQ just above the Super Secret Project FAQ to clarify some of the vague-ness.
  10. I'll try it. :)
    I've sent an application.
  11. So many colours and a lot of reading... haha

    I might apply.
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