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  1. Hey there everyone :D

    It's about time I start work on my big project, and I'm offering you all an opportunity to get in on the fun:


    This isn't just going to be a one-time build, I'm looking to form a team of builders to collaborate on a long-term project composed of a bunch of smaller, short-term projects. It will pay lucratively. There is NO upper cap on how fast you can make money, other than your participation, accuracy, speed, and general skill. That means you could potentially make 50000r or more an hour if you have inhuman building skills and godly skill in design.

    You are also eligible to apply for (and recieve) multiple positons!

    • previous builds I can look at
    • experience with WorldEdit
    • Schematica
    • experience on EMC
    • practice with redstone
    Some things to check out before you apply:
    • Position list and availablility below
    • Information about the roles of each department
    Ready to apply?

    (small update, you no longer need an email to fill out the form!)

    OH, Another (small) thing:

    The SUPER SECRET BUILDER TEAM has multiple different branches, so even if you're not the best builder but you've got some time to kill and some good ideas, feel free to apply anyway and we'll try to find you a spot.
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  2. Current Employees / Positions:

    The Directors

    LaFleurVerte (Fleur) - Lead Project Organizer, Director of Concepts and Design, Director of Communications
    CompaqDisc - Director of WorldEdit and Schematica Operations, Director of Construction
    CheckDFX - Director of Redstone and Mechanics
    PetezzaDawg - Director of Logistics and Mapping


    roblikescake - Quality Assurance Team, Construction Team, Plugin Operations Team, Technical Engineer
    Yixomua - Redstone Technical Consultant
    Foxy_Kitty - Design Team Lead
    Exodus_XIII - Design Team Lead
    _TheEpicMan_ - Construction Team, Quality Assurance Specialist, Technical Engineer
    BB557 - Communications Coordinator, Plugin Operations Team, Construction Team
    EliteMobHunter - Construction Team
    spikehike - Construction Team Lead, Design Team
    Luckygreenbird - Technical Engineer
    Dunstun - Design Team, Construction Team
    cubefragment - Mechanical Systems Consultant (pending)

    Positions To Be Filled:

    Specially Selected (Best of the best):

    Director of Quality Assurance
    Director of Communications
    Director of Logistics and Mapping
    Director of Redstone and Mechanics

    Highly qualified:

    Lead Mapping Analyst (1-2 spots available)
    Logistical Operations Specialist (1-2 spots available)
    Quality Assurance Specialist (2 spots available)
    Design Team Lead (3 spots available)
    Super Secret Thinker (???)
    Redstone Technical Consultant (1-2 spots available)
    Mechanical Systems Consultant (1 spot available)
    Communications Coordinator (1 spot available)
    WorldEdit and Schematica Consultant (1 spot available)
    Construction Team Lead (2 spots available)

    Entry level:
    Logistical Operations Team (3-4 spots available)
    Plugin Operations Team (6 spots available)
    Design Team (9-15 spots available)
    Construction Team (6-10 spots available)
    Technical Engineer (5 spots available)
    Quality Assurance Team (3 spots available)
    Mapping Analyst (2-4 spots available)
    Communications Team (2-3 spots available)
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  3. About The Directors:

    Lead Project Organizer
    • Coordinator of the entire project, has the final say in anything
    Director of Concepts and Design
    • Head of the Department of Design and the Super Secret Think Tank
    • Controls the flow of ideas, from concept to design phase all the way until it gets sent to the Plugin Operations Department.
    Director of WorldEdit and Schematica Operations
    • Head of the Plugin Operations Department
    • Oversees the creation and export of schematics, as well as their distribution to the Construction Department.
    Director of Construction
    • Head of the Construction Department
    • Oversees the construction of projects in EMC, working closely with the Quality Assurance Department to ensure accurate construction.
    Director of Quality Assurance
    • Head of the Quality Assurance Department
    • Oversee the construction of projects, working with the Construction Department to ensure construction is completed accurately.
    Director of Communications
    • Head of the Department of Communications
    • Oversees communications with both EMC and the teams internally.
    Director of Logistics and Mapping
    • Head of the Logistics and Mapping Department
    • Oversees the integration of subprojects into larger ones.
    Director of Redstone and Mechanics
    • Head of the Department of Redstone and Mechanics
    • Oversees the production of efficient and functional Redstone or otherwise mechanical components from concept to design.
    About The Departments:

    Department of Design
    • Plans out and completely builds projects before they are brought to EMC.
    The Super Secret Think Tank
    • ???
    Plugin Operations Department
    • Deals with the production and export of schematics to other teams, as well as providing technical support to design and construction teams using plugin tools
    Construction Department
    • Completely builds projects that have completed the design phase in EMC.
    Quality Assurance Department
    • Ensures accurate reproduction and reports any errors in design or construction.
    Department of Communications
    • Facilitates communication with EMC, manages advertising and events, and maintains internal communications channels.
    Logistics and Mapping Department
    • Integrates smaller projects or pieces into larger ones, determines optimal layout and orientations of components within a project, as well as corrects supply-side issues.
    Department of Redstone and Mechanics
    • Designs and tests contraptions for practical use and ensures functionality on EMC.
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    What is it?
    • The SUPER SECRET BUILDER TEAM is an integrated network of people which is designed to efficiently design and produce builds starting with the concept and ending with the completion of a project.
    • This team consists of many many parts. The individual departments handle different components of a whole, ensuring multiple pieces can be moved through the production chain at once without slowing down the time frame.
    What will we work on?
    • Though the team is primarily designed to build the SUPER SECRET PROJECT, the team will take on commissions while funding is raised, and throughout the development of the project.
    • All commissions approved by a director are posted to a message board of sorts. A team lead can then assemble a team from the members they choose, and begin work.
    How does it all work?
    • Let's step by step through the production chain here.
    • Step 1: A design commission is posted to the board by a director, detailing it was commissioned by Fleur, it must be done in 2 weeks, and it pays 80,000. Foxy_Kitty sees this post, and grabs her team of designers. She then marks the job as taken, and reports to the communications team member assigned to the project that it has been taken. The communications team member gets in contact with the original commissioner (Fleur) and lets him know his project has been taken, supplying him with a commission number. The communications team member also asks him for some elaboration on the build. (Generally about a page of info) Foxy_Kitty recieves this, and begins work.
    • Step 2: Foxy_Kitty's team is nearing completion of the design. She tells the communications team member this, and sends them a few screenshots to give to the commissioner. He views them, decides whether he likes the way it's going, and if he does, he pays 1/2 of the commission to his assigned payment processor (an alt), with the reason listed as the number which he was given. Upon payment, Foxy_Kitty and her team resume work.
    • Step 3: Foxy_Kitty completes the design and informs her communication team member. They proceed to inform the commissioner. After he pays the second half to my alt (with order number), Foxy_Kitty's team recieves 85% of the total payment, divided between them based on what was stated when her team claimed the project. 8% of that payment then goes to the communications team member assigned, and 7% goes into SSBT funds. The communications team member then posts a Plugin Operations commission to the board, and remains assigned to that commission.
    • This process repeats for every step that the original commissioner requested.
    • While it is actually a little bit more complicated than this example, that is the basic mechanism at work when completing a commission.

    What is it?
    • The SUPER SECRET PROJECT is what the SUPER SECRET BUILDER TEAM will be mainly working on. It will take up more than 25 residences, cost over 30million to create, and focus on bringing something amazing to the EMC community.
    • This project will take place on a massive time scale, and as such, people will come and go from the team.
    • This project is planned for "completion" late 2019 or early 2020. However, it will be considered a living project in that it will continue to expand beyond that date.
    • More info on the SUPER SECRET PROJECT will be made available in the future, when it's less secret.
    Why should I help?
    • First, this project pays so you'll be earning money throughout the process.
    • Second, you'll get to be involved in a project of massive proportions, and it'll be fun!
    • Third, you can build a portfolio and credibility on EMC.
    I don't want to join the SSBT, but I want to help. How Can I?
    • Donate to the cause with rupees by using:
    • Donate items or materials to me (COMING SOON).
    • Volunteer to be a Temporary Construction Team and help out when you can.
    • Just provide encouragement and support, play in our events, and have fun!
    Who made the SUPER SECRET PROJECT?
    • The Super Secret Corporation, of course.
    Wait, seems a little fishy...
    • Yes, I'm new to EMC, but I've got a few very very kind backers (thanks y'all!) and I'm investing in commodities now to have the money to continue the project. I'll pay everyone involved for their work immediately, and keep a transaction log through one of my alts, so my own personal money doesn't get mixed in with the funding, starting today.
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  5. Contributor List:

    (For those who want to be recognized. DM me after contribution and I will add you)

    Rob Tier:

    roblikescake - 2,o00,000r (WOW!)

    Top Tier:

    Foxy_Kitty - 3r (WOW!)

    Middle Tier:

    Yixomua - 200,000r (WOW!)
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  6. Reserved 5: The money-grab
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  7. *insert like here*

    If those who have invested wish to publicize their investment, could that be added to the post?
  8. uhhh, why does it matter to you? not like you donated or anything :p

    (adding non-anonymous contributors)
  9. Boi I donated 3r how dare I not be noticed? :p

    Anyways, FINALLY you got this going! I heard you talking about it on discord a while back :p

    I may or may not apply for a job or two, as a lot of you know I am very fond of building!
  10. added
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  11. Haha! It was just a joke but thank you :p
  12. Could I be the design team lead please?
  13. Fill out the application, and I'll see what I can do!
  14. Hmmm, nice project, I totally didn't know about it :D
  15. This project is going to be awesome I mit pay some money but I don’t think I’ll be working there to much maybe like 2-3.5 hours a week
  16. Woah, this looks amazing!
    So much better than I expected that I'm actually having some faith in this project... and I've seen a lot of projects fail, so I'm somewhat sceptical. ;)
  17. Consider applying!
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  18. Thanks, but I generally don't play pc games. :) There's been a time in which I frequently played Minecraft, but that time ended many years ago.
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  19. In that case, consider donating :p
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  20. hmmm maybe i could be on the communications team i dunno