Apocalypse: Dark Days.

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  1. The year is 2017. Location: East coast of the United States of America.

    This is a game where you choose a name for yourself, and a background, along with 3 skills. Anyone can make up factions or ideas about the plot, to make the game funner, and giver each other quests, team up, and make up enemies. For example, if you say: "I enter a shack" I might say "There are two bandits with Knives. What do you do?" Then when you say (after you have devised a way to get rid of them) "I loot the bodies" I could say " You find a note" or I could say "You find a gun with tons of ammo. Score!" You can make up factions and characters that tie into the plot, and it all revolves around the idea that a virus infected civilians and turned them into zombies. The zombies have to bite you to infect you, and the military nuked most of the world. There are shanty civilizations, "Green Zones" where the military live, and Red zones. Your main enemies are the zombies and other creatures, and them military. Once the first person posts we can get this whole thing started.
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  2. I think i will make a character.

    Name: Allan Williams.
    Backround: After the bombs dropped, Allan lost track of his family. He soon teamed up with a few of his buddies and other survivors and holed up at an old ranch. They are fairly armed and he is determined to find out what caused the virus, and where his family is.
    Equipment: 9 millimeter pistol. 10 bullets. Leather armor. Combat Knife. Police Baton. Fried Squirrel, First Aid Kit.
  3. name:joe peterson
    backround: from Japan. he was working at a Macdonalds when a armed robber came in and stole everything.
    equipment:a nice box o' fries, a portable deepfrier,some antique armor from his attic, and his dad's shotgun
  4. Im really hoping you were serious.

    Ok, lets get started. You walk out of your house after gathering all of your tools. You see a man on the street fighting two zombies, but you only have 5 bullets with your shotgun Do you help him?
  5. Allen Williams runs from the gas station, trying to get his friend away from the zombies. He sees a boy with a shotgun stand by, doing nothing. Allen thinks he may not make it in time, he is about 400 feet away, and can't get a clear shot. But the boy can.

    WE NEED NEW PLAYERS!!! Just make a form like TheTrufflehunter or I made, and you can play! Its easy!
  6. joe takes a shots (and his anger problems) out on the zombies. he kills(?)2, and subdues some more
  7. You run out of ammo. Allan catches up to you and helps his friend up. You are thanked with 20 shotgun shells, and a can of soda. Allan's friend, Mike Waterson, invites you to his father's ranch for dinner.
  8. joe thanks him in return, and says yes to the offer
  9. The 4 men enjoy a nice meal of poached chicken. Mike, Allan, and Joe decide to head to the old military base in the morning and see who is there. You get to the base and find it deserted. There are bodies strewn about, and the armory is locked. where do you look for the key?
  10. joe tells the others to search the bodies. meanwhile he whips out his deepfrier and tries to melt the lock.

    4 men? :confused:
  11. Name : Jeremy Dillons
    Background : a French farm boy who lives on the outskirts of Chambois. His parents were killed in a subway accident.
    Equipment : a Winchester shotgun, 20 bullets, a few loaves of fresh bread, and a butchers knife.
    Yay! :)
  12. as joe was deepfrying his way through the lock, he say a french guy walking around. he decided to invite him over for an increase in their survival. the lock is half-way melted.

    im off for the night guys!
  13. I smell copycat in the air
  14. "zhat fas me, Jeremy, zhe French guy!"
    Though srsly that was me
  15. Allan shoots Mike in the face, and tells the others he was a carrier of the disease, but doesn't show the affects. Jeremy finds a 10 millimeter pistol in Mike's hair. Joe finds 3 shotgun rounds, along with 10mm rounds for Jeremy
  16. I'm lost....
  17. Its supposed to be kinda derpy in a trying-to-not-be-bored kind of way.
  18. Name- Jason Johnson
    Backround- 16 yr old. When the bombs were dropped in London, his parents were killed and all of his other family members were zombies.
    Weapons- M4 Carbine with 5 clips.(His dad was in the military), A lockpick, and a protected vest.
  19. ATTENTION: All players are on the U.S. East Coast.

    When Joe successfully opens the armory, he finds Jason sitting in there. The 4 players decide to make the military base into their outpost, only rejecting carriers and doing trade with other settlements. Equinox needs to rethink his player.

    Joe, Allan, Jeremy, and Jason are in the settlement so far.
  20. Name-Sean Charlie

    Background - Before god's fist shook the world, Sean's dad owned a couple Pawn Shops. From this, he got some interesting tidbits, which he knows how to use and can use them we. Currently, he is looking for a safe haven, or to make one himself.

    Weapons- Machete, Various Combat Knives, Riot Shield, Colt 1911( 3 clips of 7 rounds ) Medical Kit, 12 Pack of Soda, Family Size Chip Bag.