Anyone make music?

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  1. Hello,

    I am wondering if anyone makes music. I want to know this because I want to know what you use, and what would be the best for a beginner to advanced, since I want to make original music to listen to and to implement in a game. If you do make music please let me know down here and list what you use as well. Thank you, also try and make it free or in the $50 range, USD too :p
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  2. I don't make music, but i started to listen to some of "Blackmill" they are on YouTube, is, i think what you are looking for....
  3. I don't make music either. I also don't listen to music much unless it is background music from Minecraft or Skyrim. ;)
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  4. What kind of music?

    Because making music is relatively simple: pick up an instrument, learn how to play, find some music scores from the Internet and learn how to play them and bingo: instant music ;) Though this may obviously take you some time.

    If we're talking electronic or digital music then there are plenty of options. You'd probably be looking for a sequencer and virtual instruments to actually make the music. A good way to start could be Reaper. It's totally free of charge and also important: it has VST support.

    Why is VST support so good? VST is a plugin standard amongst DAW's (Digital Audio Workstations) and it basically allows a plugin to be used in multiple programs. The best part: there are tons of free to use VST plugins out there. From audio effects right down to pretty bad ass synthesizers (the TAL products are some of my all time favorites).

    Of course the learning curve might be a little steeper with this setup, but you'll definitely be able to make some good scores with it.

    As to what I use... Well, I think the answer won't exactly do you much good because I invested quite a bit into this. I'm mostly using Ableton Live Suite (DAW) backed up with Reason (DAW) and often add Max / Max for Live into the mixture as well (multimedia programming environment).

    Hope this can give you some ideas though.
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  5. I am more into vocals, and making seem ghostly, and mixing that up with some electronic and dubstep music. So I think this one is a good one for me.
    Did you READ the OP? I said MAKE not LISTEN :p
  6. Yes i did, but i listed them, as you could send them an email, or look into it more.... No need to yell...
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  7. When I do caps I am not yelling, when I do caps I try to make a point. doesn't anyone get that?
  8. In text, using caps is yelling, does not matter what one says, that's how it is, that how everyone reads it.... if you did that in college, you would fail the class.
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  9. Yes, I do have quite some experience with composing!
    There are three kinds of composing software I use.
    First, I started with sheets with notes and stuff. It's much like composing IRL, but on pc. Good downloadable free software here are MuseScore and Finale Notepad. Online, Noteflight is a good option.
    It can be nice to compose in this traditional way, but honestly, I don't use it anymore, except when arranging music for piano specifically.
    (picture from the internet) (really old example of something I made in it when I was still new to everything:
    Then, I moved over to piano roll. Garageband for iOS is what I used, as I don't have a mac and Garageband for iPad is not expensive. It works very well, and it has quite a few instruments coming with it, and also the ability to import wav's via iTunes or record samples using your iPad's microphone and composing using those samples.
    This is a portion of a track I created in it:
    (shameless self-promotion: full song here)
    Nowadays, I use a tracker: OpenMPT. I really like this type of software. It's probably the least intuitive, but you can do the most with it.
    You do need to make, record or download all samples/instruments yourself, but there are enough free options out there.
    This is something I made in it including only self-recorded and self-made samples, in 8-bit. It got to be your style, if you want something more modern sounding, you could of course just use different samples, as like I said, there are enough free options out there.
    The video isn't the best, I didn't have my new pc yet back when I uploaded this.
    Something less retro sounding made in the same program (but without footage from the program, I can't show a screenshot either, as I don't have access to those files at the moment): For this one, I used self-recorded samples and samples gotten from the Garageband app (I created a song in GarageBand using only the desired samples, and mailed it to myself).
    But again, you don't need to record them yourself, there are free options available on the web too, but I prefer recording my own samples.
    Was this of any help? If you have any more questions, please ask, I love composing, and it's a shame I don't do it often anymore! :)
  10. Wow, awesome! Include some downloads that are safe?
  11. Huh? How do you mean? You can get openmpt at, Musescore at and Garageband from the app store. Is that what you meant?
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  12. Awesome post there 607! I actually learned something there, and those composing programs look pretty interesting. So far I resorted to a plugin kind of thingie which I used within my DAW but that has always been a "meh" thingie. It has never been important enough for me to hit Google, but now that you gave us some leads I'll definitely check them out!

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  13. I meant links to everything you mentioned, but with safe downloads. No downloads that will kill this desktop. Like minecraft mods themselves >_>

    Other than that, I might try it all out. Garageband is on play store too? Since I do not use apple :p
  14. You seem to live in paranoia that everything you download off the internet has a virus that is going to completely trash your computer.

    The thing is, not everything you download off the internet has a virus that is going to completely trash your computer.

    If you use even a little bit of common sense and have a decent antivirus, you can protect your computer from getting a virus. Don't avoid downloading anything because you're afraid of a slim chance the thing you download may be infected.
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  15. TO add to this, Just coz its free does not mean it is a Virus.... There are many open source programs, and free Programs, for example.... Spiceworks (Used in 90% of the IT Help Desks around the world, and is 100% free).
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  16. And to add even more to this...

    You mentioned Minecraft mods. I can somewhat relate to that, and there's even a good trick to avoid that nastyness as well: don't download any installers (such as executables (.exe files)) but get the real files instead (the jar files). Because all you need to do is place those jar files in the right directory, usually called 'mods'. Thats usually something you can easily do yourself.
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  17. Yes, yes...
    Yeah, I know. I just don't trust myself in downloads. Not to mention when I tried downloading optifine I declined all the other crap things it would download along with optifine but it downloaded it anyway. I guess I was stupid and that wasn't what I was supposed to do since I did it without forge -.-
    I got Panda and Windows Defender. I guess I should get something more powerful, but oh well :p.
  18. What file WAS optifine then...

    I will research more on mods, and that is a forum thread for another day.
    Might I ask how this is relevant to the discussion at hand? I don't mean to be rude but what does this example prove?
  19. Those classes can still access resources within the computer and do pretty much anything a normal program can do.
  20. OptiFine will never ask you to install any other programs/files. The link to OptiFine is, so if you got it from anywhere else that's why it asked you to install other crap. Never download mods from sites like 6minecraft or 9minecraft or anything similar because all those files are just usually copied from the minecraft forums.

    Secondly, you can install OptiFine with Forge. That's how I'm running optifine right now and I have no problems with it.