Anybody up for a challenge?

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  1. In 1.9, Minecraft has introduced the LOLCAT language. This has to be one of the weirdest ones implemented so far.

    My challenge? Use this language in Minecraft for as long as you can. The Contribution team may give up too easily. Why? Here is why:

    Here are some example changes:
    Stone - Rock
    Granite - Red Rock
    Polished Granite - pretteh red rock
    Piston - Pushur
    Chest - Cat Box
    Enchantment Table: Kewl Tabel
    Activator Rail - POWAAAAAAAAAAAH
    Sunflower - Rly tall flowr
    Saddle - Sad-le :c
    Elytra - FLYYYYYYYY
    Flower Pot - container for all the pretty plantz
  2. I already know that my spelling is bad from the start. I don't need the game to remind me that I can't say "like"
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  3. This is awesome
  4. wut r u talkin abot i dun ci a prublim
  5. Wut... I spek dis lang aw teh tim. nut nw 2 meh.
  6. ye me langwege is com to mine caft i iz happeh
  7. I'm sticking with pirate language. Its how we Northern English speak anyway, so...
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  8. How do you use it? ;)
  9. Not sure if you are implying that I misused the word use or you are actually asking. I will answer both. ;)
    Use: take, hold, or deploy (something) as a means of accomplishing a purpose or achieving a result; employ

    Options > Language > Find LOLCAT
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  10. I love it.
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  11. omg yes
  12. calm down satan
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  13. YAY lol
  14. This is too funny
  15. Wait this is difficult? Seems pretty easy to me.
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  16. So, you're in?
  17. Still no option for Wingdings?

    Now THAT would be difficult.
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  18. It hurts just looking at the pictures. I don't think I would survive a minute...
  19. Of course I am. Doing this in french would be more difficult and I'm fluent in it!