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Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by JustinGuy, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. we could have formed a way to legit get them, and then,if u get a egg sell it for lotz, it kinda ruined the whole rare part? But still LOVEIT
  2. The purpose was to simplify the sale of animals, not to inflate the economy... It is yet another way to bleed out rupees to keep our system balanced.. We don't want the EMC Rupee to follow the Euro or the American Dollar into the drain...
  3. This worried me a little bit so I've tested it. Squids would despawn everytime whenever the chunk was unloaded. Villagers it seems don't, so i guess it was just a glitch.
  4. Ah, sorry to worry you about nothing then. At least they don't despawn, anyway :D
  5. true true.
  6. Thank you for the ability to put mobs into eggs. Really helps out a lot.
  7. Haha, already dedicating an entire floor to mob eggs. Selling them for 50r each at my res, and I must say the amount of people wanting to buy cheap eggs is amazing. Just wish I had them all in stock and my shop wasn't getting a redesign :p
  8. Now I can have my employees like Shopkeeper and Guard to hang around my res :D (Villager that actually just stand still :p)
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  9. can you add an eggify flag for residences?
  10. Your question:
    Previously answered....
  11. I must agree with this. Read what's above before you ask a question somebody has already answered.
  12. Sounds like a great additon, and with the new villager AI, we can make metropolis villages in certian places :)
  13. Wait, check that, I didnt read the fine print XD, still sounds like a great Idea though :)
  14. Question : Why would you want an eggify flag? IF its to hire builders/breakers to work on your residence while preventing them from eggifying your animals, you can give them "place" and/or "destroy" flags, instead of the "build" flag (Which is needed to eggify animals in a residence).

    Edit : Perhaps these flags, along with flags such as flow, should be added to the "/help flags" list?
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  15. No it is so u don't have to give build flag just to eggify an animal cause some people don't like giving build flags to eggify animals
  16. Give build flag, set false for place and destroy flag, though its abit troublesome. ;)
  17. could you update smp2 next :3
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