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  1. I think I can answer this fully. We know that everything we do won't make EVERYONE happy, that would be impossible. We do go with the majority for the most part, and these updates were requested many times over in our Community Survey.

    Also, while people are free to build in the wild as they desire, EMC is at heart about our awesome Town feature. A lot of the things we do are to try and encourage people to use the Town as much as we can to avoid problems in the wild (griefing, etc.). While we recognize some people do play in the wild quite a bit, we will try and add things to help those in the wild (Locked items for example). Of course, non-town features will have a rupee cost for the reason stated above and for the fact that we need to keep rupee drains active in the entire world of EMC as much as possible to keep it even.

    More than not, people that prefer to play in town will buy the eggs from the store, which are still more than 100 rupees each. If you're in the wild, you actually get a price advantage. You have to find the animals to capture, but your cost will always be 100, regardless of the animal.
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  2. Think about it this way: A cow costs 350r to buy in the town store. An eggified cow in the wild only costs 100r. In reality it's the people who prefer to stay in the town that are wasting more money because you can only eggify an animal free on a res you have the use flag for.
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  3. i understand why theres a cost but maybe make it less then 100r
  4. Oh thats why all guys bought all my sticks;)
  5. lol. 1 stick/ 1 animal?
  6. From my research, 1 stick will do as many eggs as you like... This may be a glitch or testing feature that was meant to be removed... Need some clarification from our supporters and members and Justin himself...
  7. The stick doesn't go away, it can be used forever :)
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  8. Epic so 1stick/unending animals :p best spell ever on a stick :p
  9. UPDATE: Eggification now requires the BUILD flag instead of the use flag. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
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  10. Good to know :p
  11. never thought about it from a going to the wild and collecting animals direction. I guess that makes sense.
  12. woooo!! very cool
  13. sooo at the moment is it fully functional on smp1 including villagers and stuff?
  14. Wait does the unegging require flags on peoples lots?
  15. If anyone wants to egg my house, you have my blessings.
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  16. Give me an address. :)
  17. and now make it possible to egg monsters in single player creative mode there are eggs for every living creature. and the new trees are awesome can wait till server updates to 1,2
  18. Lol. If anyone wanna egg my house you're welcome. :D
    4342 I appreciate free animal :D
    Thank you for your donation :D
  19. not possible i tryd need build flag to use this eggs on someones lot (2443 smp1 sells villager and sheep eggs cheap)
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