Animals, eggs, and other updates

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by JustinGuy, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. :( lol
    Nvm then.
  2. Yes spawning from an egg requires you to have the build flag on that lot :)
  3. What would be nice is if there was a separate flag like /res pset Justinguy Egg True

    Hope you think about this :D
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  4. It is difficult to add flags the way the EMC platform is structured, but it is an option.
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  5. Or you could make it so its only the Residence owner who can do it (Because when people help other build something they could take the sheep/wolf/.. When you are not looking and you would just think it bugged up a wall and did :/
  6. Is it possible to fix it? Its too bad if yiu want to move your sheep, but if you sell them, its nice to have a csntral color
    Will sheep preserve their color?
    No they will not.
    Will we have to re-dye them?
    Yes I am sorry, I really wish I could store this information with the egg, if I could I would, but I can't. - JustinGuy
  8. I think that it is kinda the point that it is a funny word... :D
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  9. I agree! There should be a separate flag! It would make animal delivery from shop to player much more easier!
  10. Even easier, set up your own shop to sell the eggs... That is very easy.
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  11. YES!!! This would be amazing. That way, I could have staff that could build and craft, but still not eggify my animals! Or would it be too much code...?
  12. That is no fun at all.I wanted to spam villagers on your lot.
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  13. This is just so that people can't eggify animals on your res, so that people don't steal your animals.
  14. Well I was assuming the process of de-egging was different then egging.
  15. Yes, it is - right-clicking with egg in hand spawns the animal, right-clicking the animal with a stick eggifies it.
  16. So do the villagers despawn on our res's like squids do?
  17. All entities (animals / mobs / villagers) are glitchy in MC still, sorry
  18. Ok, thanks :)
  19. That makes me ANGRY! But life makes me angry too...
  20. Makes me angry also, but the epicness of Minecraft makes up for it.
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