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Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by JustinGuy, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. A new power has been bestowed upon the great Empire. All sticks are now enchanted with a powerful spell of eggification. While holding a stick right click on an animal or villager to turn it into an egg! The eggs can then be stored, sold, and later turned back into their original form. For animals you can only eggify an adult, and the egg then produces a baby. This is 100% free in Town but costs 100 rupees to use in other worlds.

    Additionally we have discontinued the /purchase animal command and added all animal (and villager) eggs to the official Empire Store.

    The purpose of this update was to address many different community requests regarding animals and villagers. I am happy to say this solves almost all of them. The community is what gives direction, we (staff) are just here to plot a course along them. Keep the great ideas pouring in everyone!

    Eggs were the most exciting part about today's release. The biggest part of the release was a huge rewrite of the custom EMC code to prepare for Bukkit r5 and MC 1.2 (both Mojang and Bukkit changed a ton of stuff). I had to rework a lot of things so please be on the lookout for bugs and report them to me directly (click my name to message me).

    As usual the list of other bug fixes can be found here:
  2. This is epic!
  3. This is epic! cant wait to start an easy farm in the wild thanks to this. mojang should make a stick enchantment and add this to the game.

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  4. Holy crap this is epic
  5. Will sheep preserve their color?
  6. No they will not.
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  7. dislike.

    i guest we will just have to re-dye them.
    still an epic update though.

  8. One word EPIC

    EDIT: when will it be added to SMP2-3-4-5-6-Utopia?
  9. Justin, in a future update you should add horses or pegasus O:
  10. Yes I am sorry, I really wish I could store this information with the egg, if I could I would, but I can't :(
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  11. That would need a client side mod as well as server side mod :/
  12. Yes currently it would, but the way Mojang is headed with the new modding API's, stuff like this may be possible in the future :) And you can bet EMC would be on the cutting edge!
  13. That sound awesome :) Hope we are the first
  14. awesome update :D !! cant wait when its on smp3 :D
  15. If we buy an egg on smp1, can we use it on another server atm? Or can you not place eggs on the other servers either yet?
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  16. I was just about to ask the same thing xD
  17. Ummmmmm it should work fine, but Villager eggs will NOT work on any other server that doesn't have the updates yet. I am going to give smp1 about another 45 minutes for testing to make sure nothing is horribly wrong with the core code changes, then start updating the other servers.

    Edit: The eggs would also spawn adults on servers that don't have the update yet
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  18. this sounds awesome. animal shops here we come, no more running across town with wheat and a harem of purchased animals following you. :D
  19. Ahh thanks, was just about to place a villager egg on smp6, good job I asked!
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