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Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by JustinGuy, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. I noticed that eggyfication on other residences need the use-flag, i think that's a bad idea.
    I used to pay people that they shear my sheep, so i gave them the use-flag. But now, they can steal all animals! I hope you understand me and change it to make the Build-flag necessairy to eggyficate.

    Just my opinion, but i think it make sense ;)
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  2. I do remember this thread not too long ago ;D

    But another good question. The new magical sticks will NOT work on monster eggs, like those available in single player creative, correct? Will we ever get to see Zombie eggs?
  3. It makes sense, I just used "use" because it was the same as sheering. I could make it build if everyone else is in agreement.
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  4. I agree with build. Eggification seems like a serious flag and it should be given to players you trust build perms with.
  5. The only thing that could make EMC more awesome at the moment is stackable eggs and stackable signs :)
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  6. Definitely build is the correct attribute for this... And excellent update Justin.
  7. Poor animals in the empire shop...
  8. I have already put two villagers in a cage.. They tried to steal from my shop..
  9. You should see the baby wolves, they are the cutest little bunnies ;)
    For future reference, when you eggify a wolf, and respawn them, they are completely wild also, and with the 1.2 game update which makes wolves breedable they can be sold in player stores and tamed by their new owners. :)
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  10. 100 % agree the should have build not use flag. I pay ppl all the time to shear sheep that i wouldnt trust not to steal.
  11. with this you vcan take animals from other people's res's. thats gonna be a problem.
  12. Town commands can be used in the protected spawn areas. Is Eggyfication 100% free in the protected spawns too? Or only the actual town?

    Great update!
  13. No he made it so u cant. C'mon; its
  14. Only Town world itself.

    Looks like I will be updating this tonight from use flag to build flag, thanks for the input everyone.
  15. i hope there is going to be an update on the lag reduction....or maybe a restriciton on how many animals u are allowed to have on a residence?... because a lot of animals cause A LOT of LAGS!! :(
    im just saying that some residences are very laggy....

    ps: i love the new update!!! good job staff!! :)
  16. Passive mobs only?????? or will u add some sort of way to allow enemy mobs turned passive and NON destructive
  17. YEA i lol this
  18. haha i would love a pet ghast. as long as i could train it to stop blowing me kisses.

    I just captured a villager, it said:

    "lucky that spell didnt rebound and turn you into a villager"

    oh the horror.
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  19. This is AMAZING!!! It will be great to be able to make animal shops for people. Here come the cheaper Mooshrooms! XD
  20. Do you have to enchant the sticks before using them to egg an animal?
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