Animals, eggs, and other updates

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by JustinGuy, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. Umm... All the servers are updated... Or are you talking about 1.2?
  2. can all mobs be eggified... if so their might be a lot of griefing. with egged creepers ghasts ect.
  3. Nope just passive mobs
  4. okay thnx.... although if you could egg hostile mobs. would you make it so if they are in ur res they are passive. as if you were in creative mode?
  5. i have an idea >:D

    (creeper club)
  6. Mojang sould add this In The Game !!
  7. I Like The 1,2 Update
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  8. i think this is the worst thing they could of done. all its done is given people who had build to grief over 200 sheep on my res? nice...
  9. Umm build is also the ability to kill animals on your lot I am pretty sure, so they could have killed them before.

    Edit: Build flags should never be given to people you are either not watching at the time (and taking it away when you are not) and trust 100%
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  10. Well, there is still the old fashioned way...
  11. Just in case anyone creates/buys ocelot eggs. Ocelots will despawn in both town and wild if you log off. I don't know what happens to cats yet as my ocelots despawned before they where adults.
  12. dont make the mistake i did and eggificate a tame wolf then hatch it somewhere else thinking it will follow you. You have to retame it! lol, took me ages to get that blasted wold back
  13. haha yes this is so true :)
  14. Do eggified cats stay tamed?
  15. Nope, eggs always spawn fresh baby animals, the lose tamed status, wool color, health, etc.
  16. I suppose de-eggified baby cats get tamed by feeding fish when they are adult. I think breed cats are born tamed.
  17. im talking about 1.2
  18. We are updated to 1.2.3 on all 7 of our servers.
    They are:

    1.2.3 is the same thing as 1.2.... The .3 added on is the bug fix stage. At this point 1.2 has had 3 bug fix patches since launching.
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  19. thanks twitch ur awesome :3
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  20. i have a creeper club... Creeper skin people.
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