Android Vs. iOS

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Android or iOS

iOS 19 vote(s) 46.3%
Android 22 vote(s) 53.7%
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  1. I have 2 devices - one with iOS, and one with Android. I personally like them both, but my favourite is Android. My reasons?

    *Android is open-source, which means anybody can customize it the way they want it and that's why there's so many phones with it. iOS - only Apple can use it.
    *Android is free to use, which is why most of its phones are cheap - with iOS you are paying for the Apple logo, & the OS.
    *Android is easier to develop on - it has an amazing SDK developed by Google (the people who own it :rolleyes:) whereas the iOS has app-makers everywhere - the most commonly used is GameSalad. The only reason why this is good for me is because I can start expanding my knowledge of coding on the computer to a phone easily.

    So what are your reasons? Do you like iOS, or Android better? Also, let's keep this civil:
    Respect other's opinions.
    If you have a question on somebody's answer, have a calm discussion with them - not an argument :)
  2. iOS IMO. And iOS has an amazing SDK developed by apple. (Xcode)
  3. Xcode isn't really that great, TBH. I find it confusing and it needs third-party programs (like gamesalad) to help it. Android SDK has its own 'GameSalad' type of thing integrated with it, and I find it easier to use.

    Also, iOS isn't as flexible as Android because it isn't open-source and only Apple can use it. It also has major restrictions - although its security is better than Android. I had to install LookOut anti-virus to block viruses - one got into my phone somehow and it was only by pure luck I noticed it.
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  4. Android :)
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  5. Hmm, pre-designed flamewar. Anyway, I like them both. iOS is better looking and easier to use, and Android is more customizable and open.
  6. Meh. I'm trying to avoid a flame-war - after all, what is there to flame about? They're both fantastic Operating Systems just as Mac and Windows are, they just work differently and one is easier to use and more open :)
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  7. I don't care a whole ton, but IOS is the bigger brand, which means more apps and such, but costs more.
  8. It doesn't really mean more apps.

    and IOS isn't really a brand it's an Operating System
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  9. I'd say Android is a brand because of its little robot dude - people have done cool animations and such with him and Google make cool artwork.
  10. You sure about that? Last i heard, Android consistently outsells iOS
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  11. because over 10 or 15 cell phone makers use android, and only ONE (apple) uses iOS
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  12. Yes? That just adds to the side of Android being the bigger brand :p
  13. I like apple because for me its more user friendly. I've tried using Android and it confused me a little. When I used the iPod it was easy for me to learn things after not upgrading for so long( I made a jump from a 2nd Gen to 4th Gen)
  14. But iOS is used on more devices, so technically is the bigger brand.
  15. There are more Android devices than there are iOS devices, i believe, if we are looking at the phone and tablet numbers.
  16. I wouldn't say that. From what I know there are more iOS devices, even if you don't count iPods. Maybe we need a proper link that isn't Apple or Google.
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  18. apple 10x better then android
    android is just a crap copy of apple
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  19. Check this link out:

    It basically explains how Google's Android has a bigger market share but more iOS users are browsing the web and using their devices because they are more "tech savy" then Android users, as Android users are more often first time smart phone users.

    I still think Android is best though, but that is my personal opinion. :)
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  20. I would like android more but it is made by google.
    And I hate google because of google ads. Don't get me wrong I still use their services but I just don't like the ads
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