An idea for a EMC server.

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  1. i have an idea for an new EMC server, a tekkit server. maby the creators of EMC can make a special tekkit server because (i think) many people have tekkit and it is a verry fun mod for minecraft. if there a other players with any ideas to make it better please tell and also i would apreciate any comment for this idea.

    i hope this idea becomes real because i have tekkit and it is verry fun so please react and tell me how you find it.
  2. Correct that, please. You are hurrting my eyes.
  3. sorry but my english isn't they best that is because i am Dutch:rolleyes:
  4. Firstly, this should be in the Suggestion Box since it's a suggestion. :)

    Secondly, this has already been suggested here, here and here, oh, and here. While it's never technically been denied, there's a lot of complex technical stuff about Tekkit which would make it very difficult to create one. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, just a hard to implement and not very likely idea.

    However, this has been said by Aikar:
  5. This has been suggested numerous times but Tekkit would place a giant strain on the other servers causing inhuman amounts of lag. Lots have requested and it has been denied.
    Twitch even stated here:
    "The MODPack you are asking for requires dedicated servers. Dedicated development teams. Dedicated efforts. You are asking to branch away from EMC."

    You could join some others who also play:


    Biggin'd :p
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  6. ok thanks to say there already are some threats and yes i might be hard to instal for a server.
  7. This has been requested alot of times before. The answer will forever be
  8. However, there is a tekkit server run by jeanzl2000 and crazy1080 (a moderator on here) is also a member on there.
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