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  1. I was hoping a mod could sticky a post in the acceptable mods section telling people not to request tekkit. It's been requested A LOT and denied every time...


    There were a lot more threads, but I think they were deleted. :/ Anyway, something along the lines of DO NOT REQUEST TEKKIT AS A MOD containing the reasons why not and information on a possible Tekkit server in the future that I've heard rumors about. This would hopefully stem the Tekkit threads.
  2. What's so great about Tekkit anyway?
  3. Tekkit will never be and never shall be accepted. It launches in a seperate client so you don't have to disable it. It will tax the server's framerate and everybody would need a tekkit client to play EMC if that was the case. So don't request it. Simple as that.
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  4. I like it because it has machinery. I've always liked Machines but I hardly ever play it.
  5. Guys if you want tekkit join the tekkit clan. You have to pm me for the ip and we follow the same rules as emc.
  6. That's not really true because EMC can launch a new server for Tekkit, just like the new PVP update. :)
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  7. I don't really see it happening though. If it did the plugins would be even more watered down than they are the player limit would be probably be 20. The town would probably lag alot more and venturing out into the wild would be a limit of, maybe, 10,000 blocks as opposed to what is now which I think is 20,000.
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  8. No its not 20,000.
    ShaunWhite on Utopia has his base at 50,000 50,000
  9. It could happen, you never know. I guess if it did it would open EMC up to a WHOLE new audience, just like the PVP update (once again) ahaha. But it's not our call.
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  10. Well there is a limit as to how far you can venture out in the wilderness. Go past that limit, you'll crash the whole server, the wild will have to be rolled back 24 hours and you will be perma-banned.
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