IDEA: Create EMC On Tekkit

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  1. I'm sure many of you have heard of the Technic mod pack and like it. But you can't play emc, which is even better, at the same time. My idea: An EMC Tekkit server. This will be exactly the same as the Vanilla EMC but, will have technic pack on it. The wild will be the same as a technic world but will have locked chests. 100r=1a (not trade-able from vanilla, but that's how the daily bonuses will work.) Supporter subscriptions will work the same way as on vanilla. The town shop will be very big and very high because of all of the extra items. I will keep everything else the same but i have had ideas of things like public bins. Give your opinions and give ideas.

    Please like and comment so I can get this recognized and maybe even implemented
  2. I've brought this up before.
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  3. Just like my dinner - What was my wife thinking spam fritters
  4. This sounds like a splendid idea.
  5. I used to play tekkit then I got a arrow to the knee.
  6. Feel free to ask questions.
    Also, I would like the EMC coding ASAP so that I can create a prerelease for September, if this goes ahead, i will have the server finally unveiled on Christmas or New Years (can't decide yet).
    corn3000 helped with this idea
  7. This isnt going to happen. Tekkit has too many glitches, and i hear one of them is item duping. Justin knows what is best for the server, and he hasnt made it into a tekkit server. I dont exactly know why, but that doesnt matter because Justin and ICC are in charget of 99.999999999% EMC coding.
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  8. Not in a million years would Justin give out the code haha, well at least thats what I think :)

    I have heard of tekkit, but never really understood what it is all about, what are the benefits over bukkit, why you would want to use tekkit more so over bukkit?

    ICC doesn't do any programming haha, he's the community manager :p
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  9. Tekkit is an entirely different thing vs. bukkit. You need a different client and everything. It uploads a certain group of mods that are availible on both client and server side. The idea of a Tekkit server is that all of these plugins/mods are designed to run more stable in the envrionment created by the tekkit team. If you ever get bored with Vanilla Minecraft then Tekkit is a good way to brighten it up, adding simple machines and such into the mix.

    In summary, tekkit and bukkit are not the same thing...
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  10. I see, thanks :)

    Just watched some vids of it on utube, seems really cool

    Dont know why I have never ventured and tried it out, maybe im stuck in may ways with MC or spout lol
  11. One: No one is saying to make all the smps into tekkit.
    Two: All item duping glitches are fixed quickly.( My sister is a mod on a tekkit server, and the server owner is part of the tekkit team now if I remember. I heard something about them fixing an item dupe rather quickly.)
    Three: Adding onto the concerns about number two. If this were to happen. It would probably be kept seperate due to the nature of it being a mod pack with its own client.
    On a final note. I'd love to see this happen. The op of this thread may be going about it the wrong way, but I think it would be cool. Though I wouldn't want to burden the staff with more then they are already dealing with. It is in the same boat as Dystopia and Arenas obviously. For it to happen we must show support and interest in the idea. Then work with the staff under their terms to proceed with it.
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  12. GAH, just joined a tekkit server, bad time for me to start enjoying it hahaha

    I love tekkit, it looks really good :)
  13. This sounds great but I suck at installing mods. but if anyone could point me in the right direction I'd be grateful.
  14. Just install the Technic launcher. Also though, YOU can host a Tekkit server SPONSORED by EMC by EMC doesn't add blocks to the game and that has been a standard that they have lived by since its origins.
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  16. I did that but I get
    "Can't find java directory."
  17. Download the launcher, then go into your bin and find the .technic file, and click on the executable jar, copy this to your desktop to launch it in the future...

    THis is what I did, don't know if it is the right way to do it :)
  18. All the replies are great, and a mod replying even better, but if people want to make this real we should take it to the top and get jusin's approval and maybe get the code
  19. The staff will have to do no looking after this server if it goes ahead, me and corn will happily work as this server's mods, but if mods want to help, they can