[SUGGESTION] Tekkit Server

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Would You Want a Tekkit Server.

Yes 21 vote(s) 60.0%
No 11 vote(s) 31.4%
Not Sure 3 vote(s) 8.6%
  1. Okay So I want this post to be professional.
    *Puts on nerdy glasses*
    "wait did I just get these from thin air?"
    Okay so Read the Whole Post before commenting.
    Okay so how many of you play tekkit?
    I'm guessing a lot.
    Now there aren't really a lot of big tekkit server.
    You see all these 300 player slot server for vanilla but not really for tekkit.
    So if EMC had tekkit servers it would rule the tekkit world.
    Now I'm thinking 2 things.
    One we could have it just be like the normal vanilla EMC obviously no vault access from tekkit to vanilla.
    Or the funner way.
    We could have it so we could claim land In the wild!
    Now EMC Is always original so I was thinking Justin could make a custom plugin where first make a "Clan" and Claim 4 chunks.
    Then everytime someone joins your "clan" you get 1 more chunk.
    Now heres the twist.
    If you want to make an Empire (no pun intended) you could build structers like you have to build 1 Nuclear reactor and 10 houses to claim 3 chunks (The plugin would auto detect these just like villagers detect houses* and so it would be like Empire Earth II (Really old game. But I played it as a child) And you could track your "clans" progress online So it would be like.
    To gain 5 chunks of land you must build a Solar Flower.
    So you would build it and the plugin would detect it and give you the ability to claim 5 chunks for your "clan".
    Please comment on your opinions and suggestions.
    Also here is what it might go
    "=Speaking to a person
    "says bob"=bob said something
    ()=Plugin talking

    (Jeanzl2000 Joined the Server!)
    "Hello anyone there"
    "Yeah Me -says bob"
    "Wanna make a clan called Piggehs?"
    "YesH! -says bob"
    [/c create Piggehs]
    [/c mod bob]
    "Okay your a mod now meet me at spawn and we will choose a spot"
    *10 minutes later*
    "This place! -says bob"
    [/c claim chunk]
    (Chunk Claimed)
    [/c claim chunk]
    (Chunk Claimed)
    [/c claim chunk]
    (Chunk Claimed)
    [/c claim chunk]
    (Chunk Claimed)
    [/c claim chunk]
    (You need more people to join or Complete some task!)
    "OKay Bob we need to do task"
    "Okay what do we do?-says bob"
    *NOTE: I just though. I could say Bob:Yeah? so lets move in that direction
    Me:Okay let me check
    [/c task]
    (Build 1 House to be your City Building REWARD: 1 chunk)
    Me:Okay we need to make 1 house
    Bob: Done
    (We detected a new house! REWARD: 1 chunk)
    Me:hey we did it!
    Bob:k lets claim this chunk
    [/c claim chunk]
    (Chunk Claimed)
    *And that is what it could be like.*
    Please leave feedback.
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  2. I would love a tekkit server I'm so sick of playing singleplayer tekkit.
  3. Umm overly suggested concept much? Tekkit has been suggested millions of times lol.
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  4. Hey where's the bear?

    Jk lol
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  5. we need the bear but instead of no we use yes
  6. and also, im afraid of the land thing. there are 40000 members; it would be too hard to be able to find land :p
  7. Many problems, yay for stating once again. I don't know how if you know how many plug-ins they would have to add for just this one server. EMC is getting to the point of lagging every now and then. If all this was added, the lag would be even more noticeable. And yes, finding land would be almost impossible after about a month. They are making changes to the wild. Just bare with them.
  8. Not really. There's about 7000 members (I'm not really sure ahaha) who play on the servers occasionally or often. :)
  9. I play tekkit a lot.
    There should be 100x100 lots that you can claim in the wild.
    NO vault access WHAT so ever
    I really think we could rule the tekkit world!
    And also in the spawn we need a sips co. Dirt pipe!
  10. Yeah but they barely Give details.
    They usually just say,
    Yo I want to play tekkit.
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  11. and only 2,500 know about tekkit.
    and also only 1,500 know how to play it.
  12. Yes but still tekkit hes been suggested tons of times. I agree with oidgod, land would be an issue.
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  13. I have been on huge tekkit servers that have a few thousand members and they aren't pretty. Most of the landscape is either blown up or quarried to death. I'd much rather, as with any vanilla/bukkit server, play on a smaller one. Seeing as the Empire has over 40k people, and the destructive power of some stuff in tekkit, It wouldn't be a good experience.
  14. Solution for land being impossible to find: random, per player spawns.
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  15. Along with places you can warp to to meet up with people.
  16. i like it!!! good thing Aikar didnt ruin it for you he made me fell bad about my factions idea.
  17. Because Aikar specifically said that if there were PvP 'teams' they would be reset every game/match.