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  1. Hello!

    I'm Jeremy (AKA IcecreamCow AKA GameKribJEREMY AKA GloriousKoch AKA Bru Swain AKA...there's some more I'm sure). I'm one of the original founders of Empire Minecraft, and ran a few other communities as well, including a popular at the time community for the Xbox version of Team Fortress 2 called OwnedByAMedic. JustinGuy, the other co-founder and I met on that forum.

    From there, we created a social network for gamers called GameKrib. We ran this for a while, and it became fairly popular. We even sponsored a team to go play Halo at a major MLG tournament. Minecraft was just coming out around this time and Justin and I started our own little server to try it out. Little by little GK friends joined us and it became so much we decided to get EMC going.

    There were a few other things after that, but those were the main ones leading up to what became this community. I've been gone for about a decade officially, but stop by every now and then to say hi. I get random people reach out to me each time to catch up and ask me things from back in the day, so I figured I'd make this thread and if there was any interest of anyone wanting to know anything about myself the person or myself the cow.
  2. Hello my favorite ex-staff member,

    I remember and look very fondly on ye-olden days of EMC. I'm not sure if you even remember seeing me around but I was a very active at the time. I miss it dearly... but enough about that.

    I hoarded all the promos relating to you, so I ask a simple question... what exactly is *in* the ICC Eggnog? ;)

  3. I do remember you! :)

    It featured loads and loads and loads and loads...of love.
  4. Hola, and nice to see you drop by. You were prior to my time, but obviously I have heard (and read) much about you and the others from way back. Makes me wish I had discovered minecraft sooner.

    I did have the opportunity to chat with gkJim a few years back, who was nice enough to send me his head for my museum. Was interesting to hear more details of back in the gamekrib days. Pop by 12022 if ever in game for I am certain some items there will bring back some memories.

    Well as far as questions, I would be interested in knowing about your own favorite memory from back in the day.

    Additionally in these things I always ask what your favorite music or groups are, myself being a great fan of classic rock.

    Pura vida!

  5. There are so many, honestly. Being the Community Manager, I was literally on everyday for plenty of hours, and so many things have come and gone in this old brain of mine, haha. I remember, one time though, there was a very clearly younger player who was super excited that I was interacting wtith him. He threw a stick at me and asked me to touch it. I picked it up and threw it back at him. He yelled something along the lines of: "OH MY GOD ICECREAMCOW TOUCHED MY STICK!". He then proceeded to put it in a frame in a special part of his home, haha. That was pretty funny.

    I also enjoyed flying around town as a dragon and randomly dropping Dragon Poop every so often. Having the entire 60 player servers being full chasing a dragon through town begging for his poop was very entertaining.

    I'm pretty much open to most music. I like anything that sounds good. But during my day I've found myself listening to Podcasts more regularly over the past years to pass my time during the day!
  6. What's up ICC! You were just before my time unfortunately :oops:

    However I must ask.. do you think 12,000 hours on EMC is too many or not enough? :rolleyes:
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  7. Good to see you still lurk around from time to time, i use to play years back as marine4121. One of my fondest memory's would be your first head drop events (and actually getting one of your heads, to only loose it from the derelict system), anyway what are you up to nowdays? do you still game? got a family of your own?
  8. What's up you stranger ;)

    I hope you are doing well. Old name was nick_godoy if you remember haha
  9. I remember you from back in the 2013 days on my very first account :)

    I have always wondered, and fairly sure I asked this question 10+ years ago, how the heck did you get the name icecreamcow :D Is it ice cream flavoured cow? Cow flavoured ice cream? Or your fav food and fav animal in one name??
  10. Long time no see. Hope you're doing well!
  11. Nice to see you again! I tend to find it hard to think of questions for AMAs, though... :p
    Are you still in contact with anyone whom you got to know on EMC?
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  12. Yes.

  13. These days I'm not doing anything that exciting. I currently drive for the Gig Delivery apps for a day job and have a reselling business on the side (eBay, etc.). I'd love to get back into some community management type stuff. I have people always coming back to me to try and rebuild the old GameKrib community, which spawned this one. I sadly lack any technical skills to do something like that. I've recently put some feelers out though to a new friend and maybe an old one. So, we'll see if the stars align.

    I do still game on a regular basis. These days I'm playing TF2 on the Xbox 360 (always come back to this) and a few other random games...but the main one is definitely Sea Of Thieves. Been playing since day 1, nearly every day.

    No family though. Still rocking the single cow bachelor life.
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  14. I'm doing releatively well, thanks for asking...and yes I do remember you. Hope all is well with you as well.
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  15. Actually, it's very ridiculous on how the name was made. I was in a Saints Row 2 multiplayer lobby with my roommate and one random guy who joined. The game was near death at that time, so it was hit or miss on if you could get a real game going. So, we were talking with the guy. He was from California and I from Wisconsin. We started some debate on why our state was better than the other person's state.

    > California has nicer weather
    >> Wisconsin has the coolest horror serial killer movies
    > California has the ocean

    ...and so on.

    At some point, I said:

    >> In the Winter, Wisconsin Cows make Icecream from their udders.

    He simply replied...."You win." and left the lobby.
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  16. I'm doing well. Hope you are as well.
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  17. On and off, yes. I do have regular contact with Bob (ob1bob69 for those who remember him). Actually ended up living with him for a short while after my original EMC exile transition and worked on a few things. He and I play games from time to time still with my main gaming group. Though he's more of a PC gamer and we're more console, so it's not an everyday kinda thing.
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  18. Now that is great lmao.
  19. I started playing Minecraft in 2016 and this server in Oct 2018 (i believe) So I missed your time here, but have enjoyed the server. I joined after my tween kiddos joined, you know, had to check it out.

    During my time on the server, I have repeatedly said that ice cream should be added as a Minecraft food.
    Ice plus sugar plus milk bucket = ice cream
    cocoa beans as an optional flavor. (this was said before the time of the blue ice)

    I have revived this discussion several times in chat. Now that sweet berries have been added to the game, that has been a suggested flavor (I think Storm_ily said that to me first? really not sure)

    Hearing your playername story has got me to thinking that Minecraft should just have a regular cow turn blue if it falls into the powdered snow and then you could ''milk'' them for the ice cream.

    This leads to an obvious debate about how the ice cream would then function as a food in Minecraft.
    So I will ask you: Do you eat ice cream with a cone or dish?
    I am a 95% non-cone eater of the iced cream foods. The occasional waffle cones are allowed as they taste much better.

    and 2nd question:
    If you were to come back into the server, Would you trade heads with me? I would look glorious as a Dressed Ivy Green cow :D

    [ btw - I grew up in the midwest, I shall just warn the innocent, naïve players who might think that they can get ice-cream in the winter from cows, the cows have defenses for this type of tom foolery and kick hard, I mean really hard. Known to crack a couple of ribs or knock out a tooth or 3 from kicking at you and they can also run at a decent clip. Lastly I leave you with a word for your senses: Cow Pies. Real winter cow pies are warm and have fumes, just for a bit, and then they are hardened and just waiting incognito, innocently and are left alllll over the place. You will not escape unscathed. When your clothes start warming up when you go inside (back in the car) from your failed mission, you will smell to high heaven and back. ]

    I want ice cream as a Minecraft food. Ice cream in a Cone or dish?
    Cows Kick, Cows Run, Cows are the makers of the Cow Pie - They are dangerous, don't cow around with them.
  20. I stay away from as much sugar (and carbs) these days as I can. Too much enjoyment of them over the years kinda did my body no favors, but I was able to reverse some bad situations going on by going low/no carb/sugar. Occasionally I will get some of those Keto Brand Icecreams (KETO BARS) and (REBEL), but only so often as even those have ingredients that aren't the best for people. When I did partake more, though, I would prefer the dish, and with toppings like hot fudge, caramel, nuts, etc.

    And if I do ever end up partaking in game playing someday in the Minecraft world, I'm sure something could be worked out. I do not know if or when that'll happen though.

    I muchly enjoyed your disclaimer about getting ice cream from cows, however. It's funny how you focused on the violence of the situation, but never really addressed that, no, they don't actually make ice cream, hahaha.