[AMA/Giveaway] Ask Moople Anything! (2023)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MoreMoople, Mar 2, 2023.

  1. Ask Moople Anything - 2023
    Heya everyone! My IRL birthday and my 8th EMC anniversary are this month, so I thought I would celebrate with a little AMA and giveaway. :D

    To enter, please post a comment with at least one question for me to answer! If your question is something that I am not comfortable answering, I will let you know and you can ask a new question to qualify for the giveaway.

    After 11:59 PM on March 23rd, I will randomly select three people to receive my head and signature. :)

    1. Sefl
    2. Scuffers
    3. Vortixin
    4. We3_MPO
    5. Tuquque
    6. Cyberazaz101
    7. FadedMartian
    8. Starsphere
    9. daanhu
    10. MissBonnieParker
    11. farmerguyson
    12. AncientTower
    13. Sharpie42
    14. Dreacon78
    15. Yixomua
    16. Nuclearbobomb
    17. Fred_TWK
    18. ClayPlatypus
    19. AntiRevix896
    20. DrasLeona247
    21. Raaynn
    22. Sunny_Chicken
    23. wafflecoffee
  2. Gotta ask... What would you name a Turtle if you had one as a pet :rolleyes:
  3. First off Happy early Birthday to you! As for my question, What is your favorite memory so far on the Empire? :)
  4. What is your favorite event on EMC?
  5. Good question! Probably Lady/Sir Shellington III. What happened to the other two Shellingtons? No clue... :eek:

    Thank you! Oooo, there are so many that it's hard to decide! The one that comes to mind is an incident that sparked my friendship with Eviltoade.

    Back in 2017, I was building a quidditch pitch on my Utopia residence with a friend. In the process, I accidentally sent a message to town chat saying "Shhh, modify the corner and nobody will know..." Toade promptly quoted it in orange text, and I thought it was hilarious! We've been friends ever since. :D

    I've always been a huge fan of the Maxarian Head! It looks nice and the fiery effect is really fun. ;)

    More recently, however, I would have to say that the Ugly Sweater promos are a favorite of mine. I made the inital suggestion for them and then chicken brought it to life! Silly particle things bring me joy. :D

    My favorite event for many years now has been FireFloor! I love both hosting and playing. :)
    That being said, I've definitely been enjoying the Build a Base event that started last month!
  6. happy early birthday and happy 8 years :cool:

    how did you find EMC :D
  7. What's your favorite horse color?
  8. do u like frogs
    and waht color of frog
    big frog or small frog
    high sound or low sound frog
  9. u have small feed or big feed
    u tall ??
    wahts your favorite minecraft block

    wahts your favorite more moople skin or head

    wahts your criditcart pass word

    do u sport

    if u play sport waht sport

    do u drive a car

    if u have a lincence for a car do u have oder licence for fork lift truck

    waht do you like cheese

    do u speak more than 1 languege

    waht pc u running

    laptop or pc

    frogs or cats or dogs ??

    do u play more games than minecraft

    do u like kooking

    can i have a more moople head

    ar these to many qestions

    wahts your favorite build on emc
  10. Happy Birthday!

    Do you want another kitty for your birthday?! (or more than one ^.^)
  11. Happy Birthday in EMC and in real life, although they probably blend into one. 🙂

    Edit: Do you enjoy gardening? If you do, is it a vegetable, flower, or both garden?
  12. HAppy Birthday and EMC anniversary !!

    Do you like Pokemon ?

    Have you ever collected Pokemon cards ?

    What is your favorite Pokemon ?

    Ever play a Pokemon game on any video game system ?
  13. what is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  14. Did they ever come up with a speed?
  15. Happy Early Birthday and Anniversary Moople!!

    If they decided to creat a Frog Boss or Enraged Frog, what would you name it?
  16. Which one, African or European?
  17. 24 miles per hour....or 11 meters per second. :cool:o.(o)