[AMA/Giveaway] 1000 days EMC

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  1. Hello EMC

    Today is my 1000th day on the Empire. I am very grateful for many hours of fun in-game and on the forums and want to thank the staff and community.
    Many things happened within these 1000 days. So here a little EMC autobiographie: Starting off very slowly back in 2012 I haven't really played the first year or so, but eventually finished my first humble residence on smp4, the oak, after 2 years :p I build a few small outposts but wanted to created something bigger. Then we started Carthaga this year and I am completely addicted :) So, I consider myself more or less 700 days old. You are always as old as you feel ;)

    To celebrate here an 'Ask Me Anything' AMA:
    1. Ask Me Anything
    2. Read my answer
    3. Read all questions and answers
    4. Be randomly selected from all people that asked a question
    5. Wait for your price

    3 Winners will be selected on the 3rd of January 2015

    1. Price:
    100k Rupees
    Rudolph Egg
    3 Vault voucher

    2. Price:
    50k Rupees
    Holiday candle
    2 Vault voucher

    3. Price:
    25k Rupees
    My head
    1 Vault voucher

    Here come your questions:
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  2. What are your top 3 Favorite Smps in order
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  3. What do you feel to be your greatest accomplishment on EMC thus far?
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  4. how did you feel when you joined EMC?
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  5. smp4 - my home, smp9 - all the great outposts, smp1 - 2000

    There is only one answer to this: Carthaga, though this was accomplished by many.
  6. Lost, haha. I had no clue what to do. So I hid out in a hole in the wildernis somewhere.
  7. So, since you have alot of minecraft experience,
    What is your favorite minecraft feature (1.8 included)?

    Edit: my name is on the picture now I am awesome :p
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  8. Oh, and what do you find the most fascinating thing in real life?
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  9. Can't say I have played 1.8 much. But I personally am waiting for the new blocks available on EMC.

    Lol, what a question. Hmm, let's see...as it came to happen I studied the matter of life itself and can say it is fascinating. We know about the molecules, the cells and the organisms. Yet, we have no clue how it came to existence, predictions about nature are hard to make and there are so many more things about the making of life, that we don't know of. So, yeah, I am fascinated about life.
  10. What do you like best about EMC? And congrats! :)
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  11. That actually isn't that easy to say. I mean obviously I like it ☺. One of the main reasons is it's reliability and if there is a problem we know that Aikar can fix it. Also the game experience is very consistent; everything makes sense and is interconnected. And of course, the community. I found some really good friends on EMC.
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  12. I hear a old wise soul speaking here o.0
    (actually I see a old soul, because I am reading this xD)

    But seriously, The thing that keeps me thinking for a couple of years now is how our thoughts and mind works, like feelings.
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  13. Why did you orginally found Carthaga?
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  14. Why are you named Kaizimir?
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  15. Congratulations on 1000 days kai :D
    What/Who was the reason you first joined EMC, and what did you first think of it?
    Thanks very much for all the generous prizes, and good luck to everyone who enters this :)
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  16. What is your favorite staff-run event and why?

    How did you find your way to the Empire?

    The five most influential EMC'ers to you..?
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  17. Crafter, I can't even really tell. Definitely I was always looking for the survival side of the game and then I found this beautiful piece of land, that I wanted to share and that is called Carthaga nowadays. A very early footage of the outpost can be found here, where NZscruffy (who knows when he is back full steam on EMC), gave me great advice to found an outpost.

    Ha, it is an extended version of a name that hardly could be made any shorter :)

    Because EMC is the only multiplayer server I ever played on for real props go to Rogerio aka Rafiq, who intoduced me to minecraft in general in the first place. Then very quickly I ended up on EMC pretty much on chance. After being on here for several month, I felt it is something steady and that we can develop on.

    Honestly...I don't go to that many events...more like zero. I attended Krysyyjane's birthday party this year and it was really nice and if there is more occasion I'd be glad to go.
    Second question, please see above.
    Wow, 5! Ok so here you go: In the beginning there was IceCreamCow, who did a lot for this servers and the community to begin with, but for me as one of small lights seemed to be unreachable. And then there are chickeneer and cadgamer101 who where/are smp4 residentials and also joined in 2012. Both went down their own road on EMC and even though they might not know, I was inspired by their course of action. And finally, Aikar and Krysyyjane, who, after taking over the servers, did a great job in sailing this ship and I hope they are going to continue for many more years.
  18. AMA bump AMA
  19. Congrats on 1000 days, it seems like everyone is hitting that mark now except for me :(

    Anyways, favorite build (on EMC or any other server)?
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  20. Thank you. I really like Floh_Zirkus ensemble on smp4. I don't know the res number, but you can just do /v Floh_Zirkus