Considerations for a new outpost/wild base

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  1. Heyho,

    a few 10k blocks out I found an untouched, unexplored continent and want to setup a base there and bit by bit extend it to an outpost. So, here comes my questions:
    What should I consider when choosing the location? What biome is preferrable? Excess to which resources is absolutly necessary? Any thing else that comes to mind when starting from scratch?

  2. Depends what you want to build there?

    What kind of outpost is this?
    Decorative builds, cosmetic, fun?
    Efficient productive Farms, securely protected from mobs and players?
    A small one-person base, or huge many player outpost?

    If you want to consider resources, you'd want to ensure you have everything you need close by. So rare biomes such as Ice Spike, Mesa, flower forrest might be a good idea?

    I know exactly what i look for in an area, but I won't detail all that. Just offer those points for consideration.
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  3. It depends, like Scruffy said on what kind of post you want to make, for example, the outpost I am in is a underground city, we picked a roofed forest biome to hide the city from the live map.
    Edit: If you want to travel fast in the wild to spawn, I advise you to build a nether road, you can travel back to town fast to get supplies that way you aren't hurting the wild too much
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  4. Thanks for sharing these points, Scruffy and Chizmaro.

    The most important will be farming for now.I already have a mob grinder somewhere else, but would like to have some spawners around, just in case.
    Decorative stuff might come later. For now I am on my own, but would like to have the option to extend later.

    Of course, it needs to be mob prove, but this I can achieve in any location. The only security measure against griefing will be the far distance, because I am tired of camouflaging my builds ;)

    Underground, I think, is too much work right now and I would like to have day light :)

    Btw, what is 'mesa'?
  5. Mesa is a desert-like biome added to version 1.7.2. It comprises hardened clay, various colors of stained clay, red sand and regular sand with dead bushes and cacti around, similar to a desert. It is an efficient way to get hardened clay, since clay is rare. There are also groups of trees that sometimes spawn in this biome. Small lakes regularly generate inside the biome's plateaus.
    Much like in deserts, rain cannot be found in this biome.

    You can make a cool looking village!
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  6. Alright, Mesa sounds very interesting :) Going to see whether it is around the area.

    I have the nether rail established. Takes about 15mins from spawn to my current location, hehe. I'd need information on this, too, but guess is more suitable for another thread. For example how many chest carts can by pushed with a powered cart. How far will they go? And so on...
  7. Mesa's are generally very large, and are a strong orange color on livemap. They more often appear near dry/hot biomes like deserts and savanahs (also another biome to look for for the Acacia wood).
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  8. ok, that's great to know, so I'll find it on the map :)
  9. i always advise players to build in snowy biomes. why you might ask? well quite simply you have an automatic camouflage everytime it snows and covers things. my base has never been found for three reasons, 1. its hard to see on livemap cause of snow 2. its on a less populated server 3. its far out

    also snow means snowgollums can be roaming your streets everywhere fixing missing snow cover as they go
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  10. ha, that's really smart, but don't you feel cold ;)
  11. Ok, so now I know what 'rare' means for a biome: It's easier to find diamond ore close to spawn, than a mesa biome, haha.
    But seriously, the landmass I am on is huge and I traveled around the whole desert/savannah biosphere, several thousand blocks, but no success.
    I read up on it and found that some people think that mesa is even more rare than mushroom island. But once I already found a mushroom island. So, I'll give it another try tonight, after I repaired my gear.
    Will update you guys...