[AMA] Ask SoulPunisher stuff

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  1. I remembered I did nothing for my fourth year here on February 8th. So, this is is what I thought of to do. Yay.

    Gofynnwch i ffwrdd!
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  2. Why is your name Soul punisher? :O
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  3. I was 10 years old and was going through a Dragon Ball Z nostalgia phase. Soul punisher was an alternate name for one of the moves in it :p

    If people didn't know me by this name, it'd be EvilStudMuffin by now.
  4. What keeps you playing on EMC?
  5. In all honesty, nothing lol. I just like to use the forums.
  6. Am I meant to ask a question?
  7. If I were to hit you with a fish, how would you react?
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  8. Yes.
    I'd tear my clothes off - shirt only for child-friendly reasons - and unleash a lion roar. Duh.
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  9. Is this a question?

  10. Yes.
  11. But does it count?
  12. Did you ever fall in love with anybody? (I rephrased that question like three times, I hope it's correct English now)
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  13. Ehhh... Hard to say. I love my family (most of them, anyway), obviously. Outside of that there was a girl I would have said at the time I loved, but looking back on it, I didn't and was too young anyway - might be biased though, because she's a horrible person these days. At the moment, I'm not saying :p
    Probably :p

    You can ask as many as you want anyway.
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  14. Have you ever killed anyone? e.e
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  15. Were you sent here by intergalactic space squirrels for the sole purpose of posting this AMA 4 years after your arrival on planet Empire? If so what are you plan for the future and/or now?
  16. Ja.
  17. Damn... now I'll have to find the space squirrel's true champion... Thanks for clarifying.
  18. What's your favourite word, or at least, a word you like more than any other word you can think of?
    English, please.
  19. Coke Or Pepsi?
  20. I honestly don't have one in English :p

    I don't have a favourite among other languages either, just individual ones for the other four languages I have rudimentary knowledge of :p
    Neither. Ew.

    My favourite soft drink is either Dr Pepper or Irn Bru. I don't drink them often, either, so yay for healthiness.
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