[AMA] 5 Year/1 Million Rupee Giveaway

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What is your favorite event out of this list:

MobArena 11 vote(s) 30.6%
FireFloor 17 vote(s) 47.2%
Nether Spleef 8 vote(s) 22.2%
  1. On the 16th of September I will celebrate five years on the Empire! YAY! :)

    I do not get in game as much as I once did but I am still very much active. The community just keeps me around. You all are just so great! I also love coding for EMC when I have the time between IRL things like work and being an adult. That said, instead of re-writing the Story of MrSocks in this post I will just let you click that link and read my prior post.

    On to the 'contest' part of things as I know you all just want the rupees ;)

    Up for grabs: 1 Million Rupees

    Winner: Smooshed_Potato

    How to win (it's simple):
    • Post a question below.
    • If you are the last person to post a question, you win. See, simple.
    The rules:
    • You must ask a unique question (not asked anywhere in the thread prior)
    • You can post more than once as long as you were not the last person to post a question
    • You can use alts to post as long as the last post was not an alt of yours.
    • If you are a family member of the prior person please state so in your post. That way I know you are not invalidly posting from an alt.
    • If your post breaks the above rules it will not be counted.
    How the winner is selected:
    • Be the last person to post on this thread.
      • The last person to post will be declared if no one has posted in 24 hours or.
      • In the unlikely event this thread catches fire the winner will be whoever posted last prior to 23:59:59 on the 30th of September.
    I think that's about it.
  2. What is your favorite promo?
    What was your first promo?

    Also I don’t need the one mil :)
  3. Congrats on Almost 6 years!
    What is your favorite color glove?
  4. No clue what my first promo was and don't have a favorite. Never been into promos or seen any value in them.

    Well, my favorite color is pink, so pink gloves if I had any gloves to wear.
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  5. Oh, no.

    Actually, I think this would keep going for at least 3 months, so surely until the end of September. :p
  6. Do you have a question to ask?
  7. Congrats on 5 years.
    Do you like cheese and if so what is you favourite type?
  8. Woot Woot Socks !!! 5 years and counting...

    If you could safe one pair of socks from a closet fire what pair would you choose?
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  9. Congratz my dude! 5 years is awesome!
    What is your favorite sport! (esports do count!)
  10. Nice going!
    Are you, indeed, a sock?
    And if so, what color?
  11. you told me you dont like promos, Why is that? (congrats on 5 years)
  12. 5 years! That's amazing!
    How many pairs of socks do you actually own? I'm talking fancy socks like ones with neat designs or colors, not just your average every day gym sock:p
  13. Whats the most fun about being a dev and any advice for people who want to become one

    Cough cough me
  14. What was the first ever government called?

    I'd like 1 mil tbh
  15. I love cheese. I eat way too much. Fave would be Pepper Jack

    OMG, only one? I am feeling sad for all the ones that would be lost! But if only one it would be my neon pink or my rainbow striped (more likely the neon pink though)

    Although I don't watch or play sports anymore I would say soccer (football in the rest of the world)

    No, I am not a sock I just wear them. I have more varying shades of pink so I guess, pink is the color.

    Now that's a good question. May take me a year to answer it proper.

    The short answer is I just don't see value in items (talking in-game and real life) and because I don't get involved in the economy it just seems pointless to have promos. But I think you are asking if I dislike anyone having promos and my answer to that is, no. I find it amusing to see promo and rare hunters like yourself going after them and trying to find out who has what and what they are willing to sell for. If I truly disliked others having them I would have just /trash'd my promos and rares rather than give them out at events.

    I don't have any 'average' socks. They are all colorful (solids, stripes and patterns). I can't count them all but I would assume that I could wear a different pair every day for about a year. I use to have many more but had to thin the herd a bit as it was getting out of control in that closet.

    A little added fact. I don't buy socks. My friends and family do that for me come my birthday and Christmas.

    Fun. That's not the word I would use. I would say, rewarding. I only do dev stuff for EMC and greatly appreciate that Aikar allows me to be on the team. I don't get to do as much as I would like due to work and other IRL commitments but when a feature goes out and players receive it positively that would be the best part.

    As for being a dev for EMC. Other than a few small requirements such as being a US citizen and 18+ y/o (Devs for EMC must sign a contract to protect the code from being released or used elsewhere (NDA agreement)) and meeting requirements for being staff my advise would be to message Aikar on the forums with your desire and your experience level in programming. There is no formal application to get dev, it is a conversation with the big guy.

    That is a difficult question. How do you define 'government'? I would say monarchies would be a really good guess though ancient tribes had systems of governance that we can only speculate about and so my answer is, I don't know.
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  16. Who won the 2nd world war?
    Sorry, gotta do my hw so :oops:
  17. Follow up question, are you a monk? lol
  18. What is your favorite minecraft gem?
  19. If you could change the vanilla texture of one block, which would you choose?
  20. Does the 75 at the end of your name signify anything?