Am I really fit to make videos.

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  1. Hi nuttyknight42 here and I have questions. I been feeling like I'm not right for making videos. Am I just nervous or am I just stoping myself. I would like to show my single player world off and or recording me work on the world.
  2. I say if you enjoy making videos, do it! :D

    The problem I run in to over and over and over again is comparing myself to other people. So and so wrote this and it was amazing, my writing is terrible compared to theirs, therefore I should stop writing. It makes no sense!!! Do what makes you happy and don't worry what other people do or think.
  3. My problem is I'm a little nervous and I procrastinate.
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  4. If you look at nuttyknight42 you'll see that I only have like 7 videos.
  5. I almost record, I had obs open, but didn't start recording. Don't worry I didn't spend 15 min talking to myself! 😆
  6. Everyone is a beginner at some point, even the best of those in their particular field. And even when you reach that pinnacle there's still much to learn. Don't focus too much on getting to the peak and being like your heroes in the video making world quickly as even the best didn't get to where they were overnight.

    Just use it to continue learning, continue expanding boundaries, and continue pushing yourself to be better at it than you were yesterday.

    And when you fail, which you will at some point when pursuing something worthwhile, break down what happened and learn from what you did wrong. Failure is a bitter pill to swallow yes, but it is also the greatest teacher if we are willing to learn from it.

    And ultimately, if you enjoy doing it just do it. Don't worry about how good you are at it overall.
  7. You should do videos on EMC that are about 15 mins long and show some cool stuff. I would watch those.
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  8. Would you consider watching a single player world?
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  9. I did watch some of your videos and I like them but if you did it in EMC it adds another element that I would like it even more. There is another guy that I subscribe to that does videos on here, Transitbiker. I like his videos a lot. The only issue I might have with them is that they are a bit long at over an hour and sometimes a lot over an hour. You could do some cool ones on EMC though and I think it would be cool to include other players and show cool builds and farms etc... That's just my thoughts on it.
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  10. Yes! Go for it! You'll never know if you don't try. Focus on what you think matters most and just have fun with it.

    No matter what the outcome, do what makes you happy. Because in the end, that's what matters. If you enjoy it, don't stop for anything. If it's your passion, stick with it. You'll be really glad you did. :D

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  11. Thank you Nickblockmaster
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  12. :) if i could make videos, I 100% would, Just have fun on the platform! Everyone starts off nervous, its ok bro, Just have fun, the real point of youtube is to entertian people, and thats a good goal :)
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