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  1. Dunno about you guys, but over here in Ohio we already got our first call that school is delayed 2 hours. Hah woohoo!
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  2. What's happening in the U.S? ._.

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  3. I used to live in Boston, and like we legitimately go to school even when there was a few feet outside. It would take an active blizzard that morning to delay/close anything. It's like, an inch or so right now..? Hey, not like I'm going to argue XD
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  4. Ah... snow.

    Its been a long time since we've seen that in the UK. Nowadays it just floods everywhere this time of year >.>
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  5. Same around here. I've always remembered a month or so before winter it would snow a tiny bit and just turn into rain. But nah, we got snow straight off the bat.
  6. cons of living in florida
    pros of living anywhere else ever
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  7. If you're from Eastern and most of Western Europe you would die in Florida. People begin to die of heatstroke at the 25 Celsius mark >.>
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  8. Where I went to school 8 feet of snow wasn't even late start worthy.
  9. Washington state
    below freezing temperatures = not a cloud in the sky
    ~34 degree weather = let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.
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  10. Lol a good portion of eastern Europe is warm. It is northern Europe such as Scandinavian countries that are cold, even freezing.:p
  11. I got East and West confused again >.>
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  12. Lol no worries :)
  13. It also depends which parts of Western Europe! The UK seems to have a micro-climate! Up north they have all the snow, down here in the south it gets roasting in the summer!
  14. Where I live, it's hard to get a snow day. The only snow days I can recall in the last five years were during a blizzard in 2009 (still only two days then, one for the snow, one for temperatures) and a few in the past couple years because that polar vortex made things impossibly cold and the schools were worried about safety. :p
  15. Last year, my school got canceled for less than an inch of snow. The next day it got canceled even though it didn't snow. This is what happens when it snows in the deep south. :D
  16. Why would there be no school if it snows? I once was half an hour late for school though, because of the snow and ice, but I didn't have to [seriously? I can't find any translation of this word... Sigh.].
  17. Here in Florida, we are more likely to have flooding rather than snow in our schools. D:
  18. See, my school never cancels for snow. Last year we had a 12 foot snow drift on the only road leading to it, no power, and only 2 teachers were there. Guess who still had school? :confused:

    Every single other school in the area, but not us, cause learning is important.
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  19. Wow lucky you. Here in Alberta we don't even get snow days with 4 feet of snow on the ground and -47 degree centigrade. I guess people up here are a LOT more prepared for it though. I went to Florida once and I saw maybe 5 trucks which is REALLY weird. Up here almost everyone has a truck.