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  1. *Attention*
    Alpha Squad is a new minecraft guild founded by _Stads_, this guild was created to give new players of EMC a chance to be part of a guild and make a difference to the EMC community. this guild is in no way associated with the Delta Team Alpha Squad is it's own. anyone interested in joining this Squad please do one of the following PM me by clicking this text and typing 'Alpha_Squad_Base' into the participants box, or by replying to this thread.

    Positions Available:

    Assistant Designer
    Head Gardener
    Assistant Gardener
    Assistant Mechanic
    Assistant Miner
    Explosives Miner
    Assistant Mob Carer
    Mob Carer
    Head Warrior
    Assistant Warrior
    Standard Alpha Squad Member

    There are other positions available as assistants and group members of those Positions. If you have an idea for another position please let me know.

    To apply for a position in the team please fill out this form.

    The Alpha Squad
  2. What?
  3. I want to join :)
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  4. It seems a lot like Delta Team in the name, not very creative. Using Military code names for groups and names.
  5. Yes I know the similarities but I have already discussed it with one of Delta's moderators sooo
  6. I have decided to apply for alpha squad Head Builder

    Here is proof of what I can do:
  7. Please fill out this form by clicking here,
    and register on our site by clicking here, please use your minecraft name.
    If you are accepted you will be notified by PM.
  8. I would suggest applying for Head Mechanic.
  9. I filled out the form and whenever I click the second HERE I get an error message
  10. I guess I could do that... But would I get to still build also?
  11. Okay I registered. Now what?
  12. Yes part of the mechanics position is to build redstone machines other parts include fixing redstone things and figuring something out.
    If you have also registered on the site we will review your form and get back to you ASAP
  13. For ranks you should also have:
    • Assistant Designer
    • Assistant Builder
    • Assistant Miner
    • Assistant Warrior
    • Assistant Gardener
    • Assistant Landscaper
    • Assistant Mechanic
    • Assistant Site Moderator
    • Head Organizer
    • Assistant Organizer
    • Head shopkeeper
    • Assistant shopkeeper
    • Head Video Recorder
    • Assistant Video recorder
    • Head Farmer
    • Assistant Farmer
    • Advanced Member
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  14. Also is it possible for me to be Head Technician but still be able to do what a builder does?
  15. Thankyou for these suggestions we will think about these and add them if we decide to.
  16. I agree with MEINCRAVTA, this is very much like the delta team. I would think you would also have to alert a moderator if you are doing one of these big EMC groups. Because this COULD lead to trouble.
  17. Ya
  18. I'm sorry Way2smrt but it appears you haven't submitted your registry form please do so by clicking here.
  19. I have already discussed this with shaunwhite he said that it was fine just as long as arguments weren't occurring within the group or bad behavior within the group.