All Under 16 Year Olds Should Be Banned From Games?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nfell2009, Jan 9, 2013.



Yes 7 vote(s) 6.2%
No!! 106 vote(s) 93.8%
  1. So I was on SMP4

    When talking to a player and then he says this:

    'I think that all 16 yr old's should be banned from games' He himself is 17.

    We also had a fight over charges to a debit card and that im not a nice person.



    What do you think? Do you hate him? What would you say?
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  2. I like em :) At least he doesnt spam
  3. Oh the guy that said that he spams... A lot.
  4. He's 17? That has to be a lie - if it isn't I don't want to live on this planet anymore. Why should all under 16 year olds be banned from games? It's 16 year olds and above that cause trouble in real life and online communities - so he's just immature.
  5. i would say below 13 if we had to make a limit
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  6. He said he doesn't show himself as 17, because i'm correcting him during fights. xD
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  7. Not every single under-16 year old has a complete lack of maturity, hence it would be ageism. The system is flawed.
  8. Just to not allow someone because of their age is ridiculous. We would lose so many great members of our community, plus under-16's would just lie about their age. People mature differently, some 10 year olds are fun to be around, and then they's 18 year olds who are super annoying.
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    I think EMC pretty much shows that's not a valid point.

    If you're 8 and can interact maturely - or at least behave / follow rules - then why does it matter. There's plenty of older people who can't behave, and younger people who are great members - no matter what the game.
  10. It is hard to put an age limit on things. Some people are more mature than others. Most age limits are put on because of the effects things will have on your brain no matter what age. This like alcohol have an age limit because it can mess you up. Also the age limits on sites that say you have to be above 13 is just for privacy and security. And why would all under 16 year olds be banned from games? Whats the point?
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  11. Hmmmm. I wonder who spams a lot? Also this would NEVER happen. I dont like players that have a low level of immatureity.
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  12. Hate him? No, thats stooping to his level. Think that he isnt too bright? Yes.
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  13. I can not understand why people under 16 yers ( like me :) ) should be banned from all video games. It's okay, if they/we don't get access to brutal or violent video games like ego shooter, but not to games like minecraft
  14. Maybe ATLEAST 13.
  15. I resent how young people are restricted from violent games. It's restricted to over-18s because we presume they know the difference between right and wrong, correct? Well, I don't see why it's so hard for parents to research the games their children play, explain to them the themes in the game, and make sure the children know not to copy violence etc. in the game.
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  16. That would be completely unfair. Look at me, I'm twelve and have lasted on EMC for a year. I have seen adults and many people older than me get banned or kicked. I've never been banned or kicked.
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  17. It doesn't matter what age you are, just how mature you are !!
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  18. No. You don't like ages under 13? That's ageism. Which is discrimination/prejudice. Which is illegal (atleast, in my country, if you are sexist, racist or ageist you will get locked up eventually)
    I play ACI, AC: Revelations, and ACIII. I play Battlefield 3 and Overgrowth (which has fist fighting and knife fighting in...and you play as a bunny), with a little bit of MoH thrown in there for good measure. I also play Minecraft. I get the majority of my entertainment from killing things in video games (which comes across as wrong, but seriously, I have anger issues and when I'm angry, having a good run on Battlefield 3 gets me over it).
  19. It's just annoying having to be around people under 13 which have -10 IQ... There's also people older than 13 that are immature and such but the rather big percent are under such age..
  20. So because of those people we should get rid of extremely mature and intelligent people such as soul? Great idea.
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