All My Promos Must Be Sold!

Discussion in 'Selling' started by samsimx, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. I am not leaving EMC again, actually back 100% for many months to come since no more school for me.. ;)

    I've always had the dream on EMC to open up an insane mall(think /v 2000 style) and selling all my promos will fund my build. :)


    3x 2016 New Year's Aikar Head
    1x Cake Parkour Voucher
    3x Freedom Blade (chest)
    8x Feast For a King
    1x Holiday Picks
    2x Ore Buster
    2x Momentus's Toothpick
    3x Pot Of Gold
    4x Sets of 100k Members items (Armor & tools)
    78x Mineral Mincers
    62x Meteor bows (selling these 9500r per)
    6x Lucky Bows
    13x Cupid Bows
    1ox 2014 Birthday Cakes
    11x 2015 Birthday Cakes
    18x ESCD
    4x Marlix Chestplates (20k per)
    1x Marlix Leggings (19k)
    14x Maxarian Heads
    3x Pumpkin Pi
    8x Holiday Candle
    6x Blizz Ard Nose
    5x Netherhound
    1x Holiday Message
    1x Cupid (used)
    4x Cupid (unused)
    6x Cupid Bundle
    16x Avalauncher
    2x Avalauncher 2014
    4x Headless Horseman Mask
    32x Labor Bench 2015
    4x Trick-Or-Treat Bundle
    24x Dasher
    18x Liberty Sword

    I also have a ton of promo fireworks which you can see at /v 2016, as well as all the other promos listed here. :)

    pls buy from me I wanna get out of promo business
  2. How much for the 20 vault vouchers? Wouldn't mind expanding up to 50 pages total... considering I keep filling all mu pages up.

    Cant wait to see this mall of yours. :p
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  3. For my good friend Stew, 9.4k per voucher. ;)
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  4. Oi how much for all of it:)
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  5. Eh, Ill think on it. If someone asks for em' after me let em have it. I'll let ya know by tomorrow if nobody else is interested.
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  6. Thanks again :)
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  7. how much for the full armor iday chest pieces and the perm derelict voucher ?
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  8. Hmm, normally I don't get involved with stuff like this but if I can help you out a bit...

    How much for all 4 stable vouchers (do they come gift wrapped? :D). I'm most certainly going to buy those as a gift for someone.

    And just a price check: What would you want for the Dancer?

    True story: I had a Dancer once when I was new. Didn't know about promo's that much and because the name Dancer sounded silly to me I tried to rename it into Mustang :D I actually managed to rename it, more or less, but couldn't get the small brackets right. And once I removed those the whole name became one huge mess. And so I ended up removing all color codes and just renamed the horse Dancer. Of course only several months later did I realize what had happened :rolleyes:. Right now Mustang Dancer sits in the stable of a good friend of mine and she's using him every once in a while.

    Better education? Better new player training? Better tutorial? Naah, priceless experience and a heck of a way to learn what Promo's are :)
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  9. I want the IDay Helmet and a Aikar 2013 drop party head. Don't sell without talking with me. Are you sure this doesn't have anything to do with a certain dragon egg?
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  10. For you, Stable vouchers only 7k :p and I used all my gift wrap giving out Anti-Staff Tin Foil hats, sorry!
    Dancer, maybe 50-55k ish

    Haha :p I've given up on my dreams of the dragon egg after my last bid, kinda just wanted it to replace the one I lost. :( But yep! All this money will go towards the mall, building & stock!
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  11. How much per set of original starter armor? Might be interested in buying, depending on the price.

    EDIT:How much for a holiday pick?
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  12. Then I guess I have no choice but to fess up to Aya about my plans (and I did) :)

    Because we both believe that the money is going to a worthy cause we offer no less than 60k :p

    I know it'll be hard on you, but... yeah, let me know :) (Aya will be doing the payment on that (assuming you agree), I'll pay you for the Stable vouchers in a moment).
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  13. i'm interested in the promo instructions, how much would you want for it
  14. Sounds good, will mail out when payment recieved! :)
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  15. Offer? :)
  16. how much 4 incitatus and how much 4 labour bench?

    no i wont ^.^ u pay 4 ur promos, i pay 4 mine ;)

    but ill buy 2 stable vouchers from u if u like (i told u yesterday: i already got 10 stables now! :cool:)
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  17. hey man i was wondering if u accept trades i have a legit ton of v vouchers about 32 and nothing to use them on
  18. Incitatus: 350k (used)
    Labor Bench: 12k
    Sorry, not taking trades. :)
  19. well back to town to sell this crap XD i really want to buy all your haunted heads
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  20. dont have enough 4 the inci horse but ill take this one. ill pay u later 2day (few hours).