Alice's To Do List

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  1. Alice's 'To Do List'

    Sorting out these unfinished things once and for all....

    Many many many people in the Empire have requested things from me at some point, and at least 80% of all these simply haven't been finished... It brings a wave of guilt over me whenever someone asks "Where's my request?" and it haunts me every day. I need to stop that by finishing them all, every one.
    If you requested a drawing from this thread, you can change your request whenever you want as long as I haven't started your request yet

    Link to drawing:

    Link to drawing:

    Link to drawing:

    Currently Working on: 4. Even though Minner may have left

    Oops, forgot this one:
    This one too:
    Missed yet another -.- :
    16. [Removed By Request]

    20. AHZERIEL:
    I want my skin holding a baseball bat and if possible put this skin beside it username is Ahzeriel. Thanks! =)

    21. PARKERJV9:
    I want my skin to be drawn as a close up of my upper-torso and up. Here's a good example of what I want, just my skin:

    I just want the top half my skin drawn pretty much. In a unique way that is like a cartoon

    23. REINDEER_
    A Reindeer playing tag with a sheep in a field, classic plains biome Reindeer_ in the top left corner!

    Constantly working on:

    Working on them in no particular order, it's just whatever I want to do.... Most if not all of these will be animations since they take a while.... Click the purple to see the song :p
    Quick! Use Attract! (ohoho this is an interesting set of drawings)

    Colours of EMC Animation Project

    Finishing the rest of the pictures for What if the EMC Staff... Finishing the Classes update (Might be boosted up)

    Kokoro Animation Project <( Main focus atm...

    This is where I Belong - Spirit Animation (Might boost this up A LOT, SUPER motivated for this omg)

    You can't take ME - Spirit Animation for What if the EMC Staff (Might boost this up A LOT as well)

    It Went - Friend MV


    Gah, so many unfinished things.... ; - ;

    I haven't listed about 5 requests, these 5(ish) are from people who haven't logged on at all this year, making me think they may have quit or become very inactive... So I won't be completing those requests unless they contact me directly...

    If your request isn't listed TELL ME and I'll put it on!

    I will NOT be taking requests at all until these are ALL done, so don't ask!

    If you're waiting for a request and you ask me "Have you started mine?" or "Is mine done yet?" I will move your request at least 2 spaces down on the list. Asking doesn't help me AT ALL. It just makes me feel guilty and forces me to start more and more requests at the same time, meaning less gets done. Don't ask!
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  2. You appear to have quite a lot of work on your hands, so don't sweat mine too much, leave it to last :)
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  3. IGN (case sensitive): john4s13
    Want to be holding something: no
    Background: um, if you can do a lottery spinning thing, it would be great. if not, cookies. if not, just a simple background of anything you choose.
    Also, just breathe. Touch money 'cause the interwebs says that it cheers you up.
    hope it helps ;)
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  4. Your to-do list... scares me >.<
    *looks at Alice* you know what >.> :3 <.<
    Btw Kokoro animation project sounds interesting.
    I know this feeling. ;/ It's not helpful at all. Just do them one at the time as you see fit.
    Also, think Pusheen :p :
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  5. Working on that whatever I can, I just need to get these things finished :s Oh and I'll be sending you a progress update soon
  6. Wooh! Cool, take your time though :) It's going well
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  7. If you want I can make you a system so you can track "orders" and show people when they are done.
  8. Thanks but I think I'll be ok doing it myself
  9. Don't overwork yourself Alice ;)
  10. I won't, don't worry, I have 2 weeks off of school so I can pace myself easily enough
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  11. 1 completed, only like 25 to go -w-
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  12. Sweet, keep up the good work alice!
  13. You can delete my request :)
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  14. Are you sure? I will happily complete it still, you can change it if you want something different
  15. Completely sure.
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  16. I'll remove it now then, since you're sure
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  17. Maybe just maybe ;)
  18. Dont explode.
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  19. Added a few things on the end of the list that have a very high chance of being boosted up and completed now. Since oh my god the songs are amazingly motivating <3
    I will make sure every single thing on this list is completed though
  20. It's killing me to draw over this ...

    Making sketches too pretty ughhhh
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