AHHHH! A Ghost!

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  1. I was AFK at Byeforeverthe2nd's public slime farm on November 9th, 2014. When I came back, I turned around and saw a ghost...!
  2. Third time he has come out today, today must be a special day...
  3. Woah!
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  4. loominarty! plz call the police
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  5. *Calls EMC Police*
  6. *Aikar then gets his staff squad...to find out who ate his sanwich*
    Pineapple is the blame...
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  7. EMC Police speaking. What is your emergency?
  8. *gets nervous*
    *hangs up*
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  9. There is a ghost at *faints from terror*.
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  10. Someone ate aikar`s pickle sandwich... *this is going out of hand :p*
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  11. *finds location based on logs*
    *sees ghost*
    *proceeds to /vanish and join ghost in trolling you*
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  12. I don't like pickles. Seems they did him a favor....
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  13. Well, this is classic EMC :rolleyes:
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  14. Well, hear this:
    krysyy has 6 letters
    Pickle also has 6 letters
    6 divided by 6 = 1
    Illuminati has 1 eye so your the ghost
  15. *Hides at secret bunker in attempt to hide.*
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  16. *You're
    And I very well could be. This could all be a ruse...
    *disappears in cloud of smoke*
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  17. That awkward moment when you started all of this by posting the all-seeing eye at the top of the thread...
  18. Woah there
    Who you gonna call?
  19. EmpireBusters mate ;)
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