Adventure World - Under Construction

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  1. Adventure World is going ahead!

    Hello Empire Minecraft!

    About this time last year I announced that I would construct a theme park and that it would open at the end of 2013. Well, that didn't happen, but today I am pleased to formally announce that construction HAS started!

    Due to recent issues regarding access to Utopia, construction has slowed. But it is going ahead, however, there are no confirmed opening dates.

    Confirmed Attractions
    Below are attractions that will open with, or shortly after, the park.
    • Ultimate Test - Based on this suggestion by Mshnik. A spy themed ride that will take place inside the headquarters of MI6.
    • A Wild West themed attraction - An adventure through the infamous Wild West!
    • A Haunted House - Similar to the Haunted Mansion attraction in Disneyland.
    • A carnival themed area - With your typical carnival rides such as a merry-go-round as well as a number of stalls.
    • A number of picnic areas in the location of the future developments. :p
    Future Attractions
    Below are attractions which may be added after the park is open.
    • Pirates(or another name) - A journey through the world of Pirates.
    • A High Thrill Attraction - Unknown what this attraction will be, but it will have lots of thrills.
    • A Jungle Cruise - A cruise through a "peaceful" jungle.
    • A Castle Attraction - An attraction that will take place inside a fantasy castle.
    • A cave adventure - A mine cart journey through some caves.
    Donations are being accepted. People who donate will be given early access to the park. People who donate more than 1,000 rupees will be given a 3 month pass to the park once it opens. People who donate for than 10,000 rupees will be given a lifetime VIP pass, giving them free access to the park at anytime, for as long as the park is open.

    Current Donors
    This is a list of all players who have donated to this project. If you donate, please post in this thread so that I can acknowledge it :)
    • 607 - 50,000 rupees
    • jacob5089 - 10,000 rupees
    • penfoldex - Some amount :p
    • AmusedStew - 1 rupee
    • You?
    All other park information such as ticket prices and final ride specifications and names, will be announced closer to the actual park opening.
  2. <Reserved>
  3. No comments? Well. I cannot wait but Easter 2015 for Stage 2?
  4. It may come early, I'm putting in some generous amounts of time. But I plan to make all of these attractions very high quality and entertaining. There will be lots of detail to enhance the ride experience.
  5. Cannot wait. Just hoping updates during now through 2015 don't break your place.
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  6. So who won the contest
  7. The ride Ultimate Test is based on the ride with the name "The Ultimate Test" which was "imagineered" by Mshnik.
  8. Bump!

    The exterior of an amazing mountain being built by Jakres looks like it has almost been completed! :p
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  9. Its not even near being completed -.-
  10. Really? It looks it. :p

    This'll be awesome :D
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  11. Hrm.
  12. Wow.

    Anyway, this looks awesome! I'll donate as soon as I can, because I think this is the coolest project I've seen for a long time! :D
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  13. I'm making my own adventure world in a secret place below the mountain >:D

    Also behind the scene mountain pics.
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  14. Bumping this! I've now invested over 100,000 rupees into this project, so I might need a few more donations so that I have enough rupees to keep funding this :p

    I've also decided to replaced the Bermuda Triangle ride with one based on the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland.
  15. Woah, this is a huge project you guys are doing
    I actually remember wandering around Utopia a while ago and seeing that mountain, really confused me actually xD
    Good job so far guys, keep it up!
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  16. Just wondering, if I built stalls in the park, would be people interested in renting and/or buying them and selling something in them?
  17. ( Hmmm, this idea rings a bell... :p )
    If this got popular and frequent visitors then I don't see why not, could get some good sales with the right things
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  18. Woops, totally forgot about this :oops:
    Sent some rupees your way, I was stuck with too much money since the voting updates anyway ;)
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  19. Wow, thanks! This'll certainly be very useful! :D
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  20. I've added a new ride to list! Opening with Stage One will be a Cave Adventure! The ride will close shortly after and be upgraded and reopen in time for Stage Two!
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