[CONTEST]Suggest a ride! Win up to 10k!

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  1. Contest is now FINISHED!

    You may still suggest ride idea, but it is unlikely that your ride will make it into the final plan.

    Hey guys!

    As some of you might know, I am constructing a theme park on my Utopia res. I have some ride ideas, but I need some more. What I need you guys do to, is to suggest some ride ideas. Don't suggest simple ideas like a merry go round or whatever. I want big, creative and complex ideas!

    To enter, please use one of the two suggested formats below:

    ====Basic Format====
    Suggested Ride Name:
    Ride Type(Roller Coaster, merry go round):

    ====Complex Format====
    Suggested Ride Name:
    Ride Type(e.g Roller Coaster, merry go round):
    Theme(e.g Adventure through a jungle):
    Storyline(Explain what happens):

    What you can win:
    If I use your ride type(e.g. merry go round) - 1,000 rupees
    If I use your original ride idea(e.g. ) - 2,000 rupees
    If I use your suggested ride name - 3,000 rupees
    If I use your ride storyline - 4,000 rupees
    If I use your entire ride idea(Must have theme, storyline, name etc.) - 10,000 rupees.

    You have until the 10th of January to suggest ideas!
    So, go ahead and have fun suggesting ideas! :D
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  2. Suggested Ride Name: The Death Coaster
    Ride Type(e.g Roller Coaster, merry go round): Violence
    Theme(e.g Adventure through a jungle): Adventure through the nether/void/slenderman's head/ something scary
    Storyline(Explain what happens): You have been cursed by the evil witch of emc. You now must ride a Death Coaster to remove the curse. But will you survive or die?
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  3. To make it more death-related; have a 1-tick clock going off in the middle flipping a part of the track. One side goes to the happy place, the other is a pit of lava going to bedrock :3
  4. Name: House of Notch
    Type of amusement: haunted house
    Theme: Scary, walls and floor made of black wool
    Story: You walk into the house (that looks awesome from the outside) and it looks all happy until you walk into the kitchen. When you open the door with the pressure plates it causes you to fall down a big black hole into a curving tunnel of darkness . It's really scary, ghosts pop out at you and lights flicker. When you reach the end you take a minecraft that spits you out of the refirdorator in the kitchen.
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  5. Suggested Ride Name: Candy Land
    Ride Type(e.g Roller Coaster, merry go round): Happy rollercoaster but without anybody noticing it gets terrible
    Theme(e.g Adventure through a jungle): Adventure through Candy Land but you are now in the nether!
    Storyline(Explain what happens): You were riding in Candy Land(as mba advertised) but suddenly you have been cursed into the nether! You try to escape but the game wouldn't let you. You will have to survive the coaster to continue mining and building things. Will you survive

    NOTE: I was writing while rock00888 was posting.
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  6. Suggested Ride Name: Ice Quest
    Ride Type(e.g Roller Coaster, merry go round): Wooden Roller Coaster
    Theme(e.g Adventure through a jungle): Start: Kingdom Middle: Snow Mountains End: Ice Kingdom
    Storyline(Explain what happens): You are sent by the king to take down the The King of Ice,who kidnapped anyone who comes near the Snow Mountains and tortures them for the rest of their lives.You must travel through the Hollow Forest in to the Snow Mountains and finally to the Ice Kingdom.Watch out for the witch in the Hollow Forest and the Old Man in the Snow Mountains who summons demons from the Nether.
    Edit- Ride Name
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  7. Suggested Ride Name: Mineshaft Mayhem
    Ride Type(e.g Roller Coaster, merry go round): Roller Coaster
    Theme(e.g Adventure through a jungle): Adventure into the Depths of the Forsaken Mine.
    Storyline(Explain what happens): Brave enough to venture deep below? If so, Watch out!, for some paths are less stable then others, and switches need to be activated to insure your safety. The further you go, the closer you get to the treasure of the mines...

    Suggested Ride Name: Stone Cliff
    Ride Type(e.g Roller Coaster, merry go round): Drop
    Theme(e.g Adventure through a jungle): Monster Chase
    Storyline(Explain what happens): Monsters are afoot! Run, Run, Run, and Jump off the cliff!
    The faster you go, the farther you get ahead.
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  8. Bump! There are some great ideas here! I want to see even more! :D
  9. Bump! I've got some pretty good ride ideas, but I want more from you guys! :D
  10. Haven't bumped this in a while. But I will now! :D
  11. Suggested Ride Name: The Creeper Reaper
    Ride Type(e.g Roller Coaster, merry go round): Roller Coaster of Ultimate Death!!!
    Theme(e.g Adventure through a jungle): Adventure through the belly of Death itself... a colossal creeper.
    Storyline(Explain what happens): Twist through cactus fields, hurtle over lava pits, and fall off of dizzying cliffs within the belly of a massive creeper; around you are skulls, heads, and flames. Finally you fly out from the foot of the creeper into a lovely pool with lilies, squid, and orchids aplenty; the Creeper Reaper has gifted you life!
    If you don't use this, I might. :)
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  12. Suggested Ride Name: Rain Drops
    Ride Type(e.g Roller Coaster, merry go round): Boat ride
    Theme(e.g Adventure through a jungle): Going through the water cycle but much more fun
    Storyline(Explain what happens): You start off in a pool of water and take a water elevator up to the sky-limit to a cloud which you shoot off at a fast speed to another cloud than shoot down a rainbow into a pot of gold.
    Note: This is a very fast paced ride that is very fun.
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  13. Suggested Ride Name: The Splitter or Lost Love
    Ride Type(e.g Roller Coaster, merry go round): Mirrored Roller Coaster (Two roller coasters side by side and alike)
    Theme(e.g Adventure through a jungle): Going up to the sky hitting block limit maybe?
    Storyline(Explain what happens): There is a greek myth that says that when you are made, you have another human connected to you, but Zeus the head god feared the power these humans could have, so he split them in half making them search for one another to feel hole. The two roller coaster will start off on the ground, apart, then spiral upwards towards the skies, then the two coasters are side by side going towards the ground and you can make the rest to make it more interesting :)
    Suggested Ride Name: The Fall
    Ride Type(e.g Roller Coaster, merry go round): Roller Coaster
    Theme(e.g Adventure through a jungle): Speed coaster
    Storyline(Explain what happens): You start off on the platform of the coaster, then you go up a steep hill upwards then fall off into a pool of water, it's fun if you go high enough :D
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  14. This is wonderful! It's like RCT meets Minecraft
    Suggested Ride Name: Cataclysm
    Ride Type(e.g Roller Coaster, merry go round): Roller Coaster
    Theme(e.g Adventure through a jungle): A (seemingly) very poorly designed wooden roller coaster that is also on the verge of collapse
    Key Concept 1: At some point, you don't have enough speed to make it up the next hill, and you start falling backwards back down the track, only to find that the track has been changed since you went up the hill and you go a new direction, now traveling backwards. This could be repeated to make you go forwards again, or you could just pull into the station platform facing backwards and totally bewildered.

    Key Concept 2: After the 'collapse' part of the ride, use pistons to assemble/move the track right before the dead rides it, so it looks like the destroyed track is miraculously keeping the rider not dead. Also a large section of track that the rider is on could be moved for a similar effect. The less visible this is the better though. Feel free to include air time to this concept to make it more realistic.
    Story: You've never been to this amusement park before, but all of your friends constantly rave about it, so you figured you'd give it a shot. The Cataclysm looms large as you approach the park entrance - even from a distance you can tell that this coaster has seen better days. But you're a thrill seeker, and you haven't turned down a ride yet. Besides, the ticket station was deserted, so you're in free anyways. The coaster seems to be running, so you hop in the front car and pull down the squeaky metal bar. With a lurch the train starts climbing the hill, and before long you're rushing up and down hills. The ride groans every time you round a curve, and you can see that beams are broken here and there all over the structure. Suddenly, BANG, you turn and see that the last car in your train has become derailed and is smashing the track as it is dragged along. The derailed car is quickly ripped from the train and falls to the ground hundreds of feet below, but the damage has been done, both to the track and to your speed. As you rush down the next hill, you can feel the track quake as the curve you just passed over collapses. Your stomach drops when your car comes to a halt only 3/4 of the way up the hill, and you begin to scream as your car begins back down the track towards what you can only assume is a tangled mess of metal and rotten wood. Twisting yourself in your seat, you see that the fallen track takes you past the reckage, and with a massive groan the whole track begins to collapse. With your eyes shut, your car flies off the rails...only to land on a later curve with a metallic SKREEEEEEEE. Soon after, your car slams into the station platform and grinds to a halt. You take two steps out of the coaster, and take a seat. Woah.

    Suggested Ride Name: The Ultimate Test
    Ride Type(e.g Roller Coaster, merry go round): Scored Rail Shooter
    Theme(e.g Adventure through a jungle): Spy Agency Test / Any Rail Shooter Setting (think like the arcade shooting games)
    Key Concept: A rail shooter (in video game culture) is a game in which you can look around and shoot but can't move independently of the game. In one version, you are plopped in a room with X enemies who shoot at you, and once you kill them all the game animates you walking forward. Rinse, wash, repeat.
    Possible Implementation 1: Have the player enter a mine cart, then push them in to a room. Once there, kill the power on the redstone rail and bring them to a stop. Then reveal a bunch of buttons (by using pistons to pull away a block covering up a button, etc. Very fun to get creative here with where you put the buttons), that the user has to click all of them and once they do the power restores. Repeat. At the end, you can score the user by having a clock start once they start moving, and shut off once they get to the end. Lower time = better score.

    Possible Implementation 2: As above, but don't stop the player, keep them moving at a moderate pace. Put tons of buttons on the walls that the user has to push as they are racing by. Some are just there, were as others are only uncovered once the user passes a certain track point. Different buttons can have different point values in this version, and the scoring is by number of points rather than completion time, Rather than hailing from video games, this is a physically used ride type in many amusement parts. One example is the buzz lightyear ride in Walt Disney Word in Florida, In which you have a laser gun and have to shoot targets that appear as your car moves forward.

    Storyline(Explain what happens): This is it. The day you've been both longing for and dreading - your final exam as an M16 agent. Either you'll be an agent, or you'll be back on the streets. Either way, you'll be done with this hellish training regimen. But the worst has yet to come. You enter a black room, and find a single pistol and some extra ammo cartridges on a small table. You take the gun in your hand, and cock it. A metal door swings open, and you run though. When the door slams behind you, you are in complete darkness. Suddenly, the room is bathed in light, and through your squinting eyes you make out rings of white and red. Without a moment to lose, you open fire on the targets; a single bullet through the bull's eye of each. Swiveling, you empty your clip, making sure to hit the targets on the floor and the celling. As you reload, four targets fall from the ceiling and begin spinning in a circle. Making sure to get your timing correct, you hit each as it passes the top of the arc. A bell dings, and the next door opens. Inside, you find a small black platform ringed by glowing blue light. You step on, and with a wurrrrr the conveyer belt springs to life. Passing through a doorway, you see the next room is covered in targets, some stationary, others moving in and out, still others alternating between vulnerable and covered by metal sheets. Without stepping off the conveyer belt, you turn from target to target, hitting bull's eye after bull's eye. As you're about to round a corner, however, you turn and see a single target that is unbroken -- but then it's too late, and you step off the platform as a door swings shut behind you. A board lights up in front of you, with numbers whirring, calculating. Will it be enough?
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  15. This competition is supposed to be ending today/tomorrow. But seeing as it may be a little while until the park is ready, I will still accept suggestions. Although, there may not be a rupee prize involved.
  16. Suggested Ride Name: Vertigo
    Ride Type(e.g Roller Coaster, merry go round): Dropper
    Theme(e.g Adventure through a jungle): A journey through space
    Storyline(Explain what happens): As your spaceship is torn apart by alien predators, you activate the escape pod and are jettisoned into space, speeding past the stars and planets, hoping to seek refuge somewhere.
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